Have You Tried Improv Mondays with Michelle: Fake Stories, Real Improvisers?

We all need to laugh.; to take the edge off our day; from work, family, friends, scratches on your new car, the ketchup stain on your new shirt or blouse.  Why not laugh with the Vancouver Theatre Sports League?  They have an upcoming series called “Improv Mondays with Michelle“.  Give it a try!  Here is some info about this new improv show.  Enjoy!

Improv Mondays

Improv Mondays

You’ve fallen in love with her on YouTube and now the indomitable Michelle Gidard (played by VTS ensemble member Angela Galanopoulos) is coming to the live stage. Starting Monday, May 6th  Vancouver TheatreSports will present Improv Mondays with Michelle – Fake Stories, Real Improvisers hosted by the character Michelle from the popular web comedic soap opera Michelle’s.

The original web series, created by Galanopoulos and fellow VTS ensemble member Andrew Barber, is set in the mythical restaurant Michelle’s in Hope. The VTS show diverges from the original concept as each performance is not necessarily set in Hope – the locations and contents of each story will vary dependent on audience input. What will be consistent is that all will be over-the-top funny with the larger-than-life Michelle in charge. The first half of the show consists of short-form scenarios and the second half of the show will be a mini soap opera – all based on audience contributions. Each scene’s comedic melodrama will be enhanced by live musical underscoring by pianist Matt Grinke.

To see ticket prices and show length for all our shows, click here.

NOTE: This show is suitable for children aged 8 and over. We cannot accommodate younger children, toddlers or infants. Any show may contain mature content and language, parental discretion is advised.

Murder on the Improv Express: Get Your Tickets!

If you have never attended an improv show you should.  It is so much fun as the audience helps to guide what the comedians do on stage.  No two shows are ever the same.  This improv is put on by the Vancouver Theatre Sports League on Granville Island.  The shows start April 12 and finish on May 26.


Murder on the Improv ExpressPicture this – a luxury train trapped in the Canadian Rockies with a passenger list that includes a prominent socialite, a retired military officer and a famous detective, and oh yes, there’s a corpse. What you have are the makings of a classic murder mystery. Welcome to Murder on the Improv Express – A Killer Comedy.

As in countless whodunnits, this one is set in the 1930’s and involves many of the set characters and scenarios you’d expect to find. However, what isn’t known is who is the victim, who is the killer and how the dastardly deed was done. These are just some of the things that will be established by audience suggestions during the course of the show. What is known is that audience members will die laughing at all the improbable plot twists and turns.

Show information and tickets can be found at vtsl.com

Killer Cocktails!

In homage to the great cocktails of the period, Vancouver TheatreSports’ Bar Manager, Paul Belsito has created two ‘Killer Cocktails’ to complement Murder on the Improv Express. Both are priced at $8.75 for a single and $12.75 for a double:

  •  Corpse Reviver: Based on a classic 1930’s hangover cure, it’ll bring you back to life – Gin, lemon-lime juice and a splash of soda.
  •  Prohibition Pleaser: People couldn’t drink before 1933 … but they found a way. This one looks and tastes like it’s alcohol-free – it is anything but – Glayva Liqueur, Amaretto, and cranberry juice.

Another favourite libation of the era (of any era really) was champagne. No self-respecting barman would be ‘caught dead’ without a good supply of bubbly – after all you never knew when a train might be delayed, or stuck in an avalanche. The Club Car could not afford to be caught short. Similarly, The Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge will also be featuring piccolo-sized bottles of Henkell Rose bubbly at $9.75 in addition to its regular menu of wines, spirits and beer.

Killer Cocktails are only available during the run of VTSL’s Murder on the Improv Express – A Killer Comedy from April 12 through May 26, 2018 at Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge in The Improv Centre on Granville Island.