Keeping Your Wine safe on Trips

We all worry about traveling with a bottle(s) of wine. If you are flying, will that bottle in your suitcase make it? If you are driving, will the bottle bump against something in your trunk and break? I thought I’d pass along 2 types of holders that I use for my wine bottles when I’m traveling.

The first holder is a neoprene bag that is designed specifically to fit tightly around a single 750ml bottle of wine. You can get these bags for single bottles or two bottles. I have the two bottle version as I usually never travel with one bottle only. The neoprene case comes with a built-in handle so that you can carry it from your car to a party or wherever you are going. I usually use this type of carrier for car trips, or other short trips around town. If you have the 2 bottle case, laying this down in the trunk of your car, the bottles will not roll.  The brand of my bottle holder is BUILT.  I bought mine at Winners, but I’ve seen them being sold in many different stores.  In case you want to buy online, here is the BUILT website.

The other is a cardboard tube with a cap. This is also for a single 750ml wine bottle. Depending on the girth of the bottle, you may be able to fit some bubble pad around the bottle. I usually pack these for my more expensive bottles of wine that go inside the suitcase on a plane flight. After watching suitcases falling off conveyor belts or being handled roughly by baggage handlers, I think that this container is quite reasonable to choose. I purchased my cardboard tube wine holder at Michaels, but I’ve seen them at specialty houseware stores.  On your flight back you have this holder to bring back wine from wherever you traveled, or a place to store fragile items.

I hope you are able to make use of either of these peace of mind, wine holders.  I know I’ll be using them this holiday season.  Cheers!