Other Food and Wine

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try {
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} catch(err) {}We all enjoy food with wine. Grilled steaks with a big Aussie Shiraz, or lamb chops with a BC Pinot Noir for example. But have you considered fruit or chocolate? Maybe as a dessert or for before dinner? Grapes are very refreshing to enjoy with wines. I usually have white grapes with white wine. The sugar and acidity in the grapes seem to bring out more flavour in the wine for me. Also chocolate can be fun. We all know that dark chocolate is good for you. While letting some of that 75% cocoa chocolate dissolve in your mouth, why not try a merlot? Merlot is fruiter and has softer tannins than a Cabernet Sauvignon. I have found that Merlot seems to go really well with dark chocolate. I think the chocolate gives the backbone or structure and the Merlot fills the structure with body. It’s a nice pairing. Another pairing I like is a sweet wine, such as a Sauternes or a late harvest wine, paired with a sour fruit, such as raspberry. Experiment with other fruits. See what interesting wine/fruit combinations work together. Enjoy!