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Stoneboat Vineyards Pinotage

Have you heard of Okanagan’s Stoneboat Vineyards? They have been farming in the Okanagan for many years, but a few years ago they decided to open a winery.  I was lucky to taste their first wines when they opened their tasting room.  What peaked my interest the most is that they produced a wine made from the Pinotage grape.  This is quite a rare grape in the Okanagan.  It comes from South Africa, where it was created in 1925 by crossing Pinot Noir with Cinsault grapes. Pinotage can be a full bodied red wine with spicy, black and red berry flavours followed with a hint of banana. Pinotage may also have a bouquet of soft strawberry fruits. Pinotage can be a full bodied red wine with spicy, black and red berry flavours followed with a hint of banana. Pinotage may also have a bouquet of soft strawberry fruits.  Pinotage is a versatile wine, which can be paired with bbq’d meats, East Indian curries, and spicy Asian food.  I enjoyed Stoneboat’s Pinotage then, and I still look for it.

You can hopefully try this wine, along with the other wines that Stoneboat Vineyards produces  when you attend Salt Tasting Room in Gastown, on Tuesday June 26.  Below is the information that I received about this event. Enjoy!


For Immediate Release

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June 12, 2012 (Vancouver, BC) – On Tuesday, June 26 2012, new releases from Stoneboat Vineyards will be in the spotlight at the Salt Tasting Room.  The wines will be paired with gourmet delights such as artisanal cheeses and local charcuterie.  Tim and Jay Martiniuk, two members of the family that owns and operates Stoneboat Vineyards, will attend the event and share their insights into the new vintages.

Brothers Tim and Jay exemplify the hands-on approach of the Martiniuk family, which has been a pioneer in BC’s winemaking industry since the 1980s.  Jay is an experienced winemaker who served as cellarmaster at Osoyoos Larose and now designs and orchestrates the winemaking programs at Stoneboat. He recently completed a degree in Food Sciences at UBC, where he studied wine chemistry & fermentations at the Wine Research Centre. Jay’s twin brother Tim is known the resident jack-of-all-trades at the family winery, overseeing marketing and wine shop operations.

The June event is part of Salt’s “Salt Cellar Series” of tasting events, and promises to show the new Stoneboat Vineyards wines to their best advantage, paired with a variety of savoury tidbits.  To purchase tickets please visit

Stoneboat Vineyards at the Salt Tasting Room, 7:00PM
$40 exclusive of tax and gratuities

 Salt Tasting Room
45 Blood Alley, Gastown, Vancouver
P – 604-633-1912

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About Stoneboat Vineyards:  Stoneboat Vineyards is an artisan winery in Oliver, BC, owned and operated by two generations of the Martiniuk family. For nearly 30 years we have farmed on the South Okanagan’s Lower Black Sage Bench, where our vines thrive atop hundreds of feet of calcareous stones. The bench’s uniquely rocky soils, warm days, and cool nights create perfect conditions for growing Pinot varietals of honest character and complexity. Our winemaking approach is inspired by our farming philosophy, valuing integrity, minimal intervention, and hard work to create wines that are true to their origins in our vineyards.

Blue Mountain Winery at Salt Tasting Room

On Monday evening I had the good fortune of being invited to a Blue Mountain Winery tasting at one of Vancouver’s hottest restaurants, Salt Tasting Room, in Gastown. Blue Mountain winery is located in Okanagan Falls and was established in 1991. It’s a family run business and it shows with the care they show with their wines. They are an Estate Winery which means all the grapes they use for their wines come from their vineyard (which they have 80 acres under vines, but only 60 acres producing grapes at the moment).

For those of you who have not been to Salt Tasting Room, they offer a range of cheeses and charcuterie and condiments to their guests. They have a wide range of wines to pair with these food, along with some beers.

This evening we were treated to three white and three red wines, paired with cheeses and charcuterie. The three white wines were the:
– Blue Mountain Brut (a sparkling wine made in the traditional champenoise style)
– Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc 2008
– Blue Mountain Pinot Gris 2007

The Brut is a blend of 47% Pinot Noir, 47% Chardonnay, and 6% Pinot Gris. Pale yellow in colour with a slight bubble around the edge of the glass. Light citrus, slightly sweet and a bit of lees on the nose. The bubble was quite fine, and had lemony, lees, and almond flavour. Quite nice. To this I enjoyed the Schinkenspeck sausage slices from Oyama the Savoury Moon cheese from BC and the Isle of Mull Cheddar from the UK.

The Pinot Blanc is whole cluster pressed and fermented in barrel (47%) and the remainder in tank. This wine had peach and lemon aroma (i was expecting apple, but i love suprises). There was a slight bit of effervesence, lemon and mineral flavours. Another enjoyable wine.

The final white, the Pinot Gris, is similarly fermented as the Pinot Blanc. The result is a wine with light aromas of stone fruit. A round mouthfeel with cherry and stone fruit flavours. Again something I was not expecting was the cherry flavour. Interesting.

For the red wines we were treated to the:
– Blue Mountain Gamay Noir 2008
– Blue Mountain Reserve Pinot Noir 2006

– Blue Mountain Reserve Pinot Noir 1997

The Gamay Noir was deep violet/purple in the glass. Very aromatic with dark cherry and cassis? aromas. On the palate it was peppery, black cherry and licorice with low tannins. It was nice with the Mike Vitow’s Corned Beef.

The Reserve Pinot Noir 2006, is a soft pinot noir. Light cherry and violet aromas and flavours. A bit astringent. It went nicely with the Avonlea Cheddar from PEI and the Piccantino and the Lamb Salamis from Oyama.

Our last wine of the night (and my favourite) was the Reserve Pinot Noir 1997. This wine had depth of character and was very defined in it’s flavours, like a laser beam. Deep red colour in the glass. A very interesting nose with cherries and mint. On the palate there was dark cherry, some spice and medium tannins. Long length. Excellent! I quite enjoyed this wine with the Saint Agur blue cheese from France. This is a creamy blue cheese, half way between a Stilton and a Cambazola.

If you have not been to Salt Tasting Room, it is located at 45 Blood Alley in Gastown. Enjoy.