Sweet Dreams are made of Pizza and Chocolate on Valentine’s Day at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Chocolate and pizza are two staples nobody should be without.  Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Here is a press release by Rocky Mountain Flatbread about their Valentine’s Day offering.  There is nothing about wine in the press release but they do have BC wine.  Here is the link to their Drinks page in Kitsilano. Enjoy.


Vancouver, BC – Sweet dreams are made of pizza and chocolate on Valentine’s Day at Rocky Mountain Flatbread! Chef Oliver Zulauf has created a delicious 3-course Valentine’s Day dinner menu with handmade raw chocolate pairings from Koko Monk Chocolates.

Everyone – including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diners – will have tons of choices on this nut free menu which is offered at $30 per person (plus tax and gratuity):

Begin with the golden song of a Brunette Bangle (a curry and coconut infused chocolate) and choice of traditional salad (fig & goat cheese, basil & blackberry, or fresh herb salad), melt in your mouth BC mushroom caps, or house made soup.

Pucker up your lips for your First Kiss (a to die for sour cherry and raspberry infused chocolate) and enjoy any hand-crafted Traditional Flatbread pizza or featured organic pasta made with seasonal veggies and local meats.

Wind down your evening with dessert – your choice of the signature Rocky Mountain Flatbread warm double chocolate brownie, apple cinnamon crumble (vegan) or baked cheesecake with gluten free toasted coconut crust.

Valentine’s Day with Kids:
Rocky’s Valentine’s Day Kids Menu comes paired with chocolate too! This three-course menu is offered for $13.50 per child (plus tax and gratuity).

  • Starter:  Drink or Veggie Monster Bowl paired with a Hershey’s Kiss
  • Mains:  Mozza Pizza or Pasta paired with a Hershey’s Kiss
  • Desserts: Warm Double Chocolate Brownie with House Made Ice Cream or One Scoop of Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream

Reservations Recommended!
Call Rocky Mountain Flatbread Main Street at 604-566-9779 or email info@rockymountainflatbread.ca.

Call Rocky Mountain Flatbread Kitsilano at 604-730-0321 or email info@rockymountainflatbread.ca.


New Year’s Eve Family Pizza Party at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Are you wondering what to do with your family for New Year’s Eve, but can’t stay out too late?  How about going to a pizza party?  Here is an announcement by Rocky Mountain Flatbread.


For Immediate Release
New Year’s Eve Family Pizza Party at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Vancouver, BC – Rocky Mountain Flatbread is excited to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style with a pizza party for families! Festivities include pizza making for the kids, balloon twisting, face painting, dinner and an early New Year’s Eve count down.  New Year’s Eve parties will be held at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Kitsilano and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Main Street restaurants in Vancouver.

On the menu:
•    3-course New Year’s Eve Dinner: select your favourite house made soup or salad followed by an artisan pizza and warm double chocolate brownie for dessert.
•    3-course New Year’s Eve Children’s Dinner: pizza making or pasta, drink and warm double chocolate brownie for dessert.
•    Gluten free and plant based menu items are available. Rocky Mountain Flatbread is nut free.
•    Tickets: $20 per child (age 1 and up) and $25 per adult. Tax and gratuity not included.

There are two dinner seating options available at 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm.
•    To reserve at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Kitsilano, 1876 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, call 604-730-0321 or email info@rockymountainflatbread.ca.
•    To reserve at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Main Street, 4186 Main Street, Vancouver, call 604-566-9779 or email info@rockymountainflatbread.ca.

About Rocky Mountain Flatbread
Rocky Mountain Flatbread takes pride in providing sustainably produced, local food that connects the farm, family and community. Visit our two Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurant locations in Vancouver (Main Street & Kitsilano) or the original restaurant that started it all in Canmore, Alberta. Food court locations include Rocky Mountain Flatbread Express in Banff. For more information, visit rockymountainflatbread.ca.

Photographic Highlights of Tasting Plates Main Street

Last week was Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates Main Street edition.  We had a beautiful sunny evening to stroll along Main Street sampling from 6 restaurants / venues.  The restaurants / venues, their menus, and my pictures are below.  Enjoy, and visit them if you want to try them too.

Tapas 23 Restaurant

Our Tasting Plate includes all 3 items:
1)    Fire roasted chick peas. (V)
2)    Potato crusted wings (achote sauce).
3)    Bombas (braised pork belly). 
4)    Bruselas (Brussel sprouts, sweet balsamic, almonds aged cheddar) (V)
The braised pork belly was the star on the plate, but I also must mention an item that was not on the original list; Albondigas.  This Spanish style meatball was tender and had a paprika sauce that took the flavour up a notch.
Tapas 23 with pork belly, wings, and brussel sprouts

Tapas 23 with pork belly, wings, and brussel sprouts

Rosemary Rocksalt

Our Tasting Plate includes all 3 items:
1)  Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich on a Rosemary Rocksalt bagel
2)  Lox & Cream Cheese sandwich on a bagel (variety of flavours)
3)  Sweet Rugolach pastry (variety of flavours)
The Montreal smoked meat sandwich was served hot. It melted in your mouth.  I would have loved a choice of mustard.
Rosemary Rocksalt with Montreal smoked meat sandwich, lox and cream cheese on bagel, and sweet Rugolach pastry

Rosemary Rocksalt with Montreal smoked meat sandwich, lox and cream cheese on bagel, and sweet Rugolach pastry


Our Tasting Cup includes your choice or all of these teas
1)    French Earl Grey black (hot and caffeinated)
2)    Ginger Lemon herbal (hot and caffeinated)
3)    African dream rooibos (iced and non-caffeinated)

Our Tasting Plate includes these 2 items:
1)    Chocolate chilli fudge brownie
2)    Matcha date balls (gluten free)
All 3 teas were very different and each were enjoyable to sip.  I can see both the ginger lemon and the African dream rooibos making good iced tea for the summer.
ShakTea with French Earl Grey, Ginger Lemon, and Africa dream rooibos teas

ShakTea with French Earl Grey, Ginger Lemon, and Africa dream rooibos teas

Main Street Honey Shoppe

Our Tasting Plate includes these 2 items:
1)    Honey almond cake or gluten free spiced cookie
2)    Cream Cheese Brownie made with Tawari honey from New Zealand.
Honeycomb – as raw as it gets!
Sample a slice of pure honeycomb from British Columbia, paired with premium cheese and Honey Sampling.
Before getting to the honey almond cake and cream cheese brownie (which was rich and moist), the honey tasting was quite interesting as we were introduced to honey from different flowers, e.g. clover vs wildflower.  Most of the honeys we tasted were from BC, but we also had a chance to try more exotic honeys from New Zealand and Australia.  My favourite was the Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey.

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey

Main Street Honey shoppe with cream cheese brownie, gluten free spiced cookie, and honeycomb

Main Street Honey shoppe with cream cheese brownie, gluten free spiced cookie, and honeycomb

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Our Tasting Plate will feature your choice of these flatbread pizzas:
1)    Farmers Market Pizza: Topped with local organic balsamic marinated rhubarb and chard from City Farms, three herb nut free pesti & Capriny goat’s cheese. (V)
2)    Naturally Meaty: Spicy certified organic beef, sulphate free Italian sausage, ripe tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, asiago cheese & fresh herbs.
I was originally unsure about the veggie pizza, never having tried balsamic marinated rhubarb and chard before, but this pizza was quite tasty.  The meat pizza was also very good.  I quite like their crusts.  Never soggy.
Rocky Mountain Flatbread Veggie Farmers Market pizza (front) and Naturally Meaty pizza (back)

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Veggie Farmers Market pizza (front) and Naturally Meaty pizza (back)

Miura Waffle & Milk Bar

Our Tasting Plate includes all 4 items:
1)    Kachan Karaage Waffle Sando – hor d’oeuvres style: Ginger fried chicken, Asian slaw, & 1000 Island sauce
2)    Teri-Vani Waffle Sando – hor d’oeuvres style: Vanilla ice cream, Whipped cream & Teriyaki sauce
3)    Nori Nachos – Nori chips (fried seaweed), Melted cheese, Tomato salsa & Sour cream
4)    Dessert Nachos – Nori chips, Chocolate sauce, Whipped cream & Strawberry

This was the last stop on the route for me today, and unfortunately I ran out of time due to the line up length.  I will have to come by on my own to try out their waffle.

My Tasting Plates Vancouver Kitsilano Edition Favorites

Tasting Plates Kitsilano

This past week was the third Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates event this year. This event was the “Kitsilano Edition“. If you have never attended one, for Tasting Plates you visit 10 different restaurants/food trucks/other food establishments, sampling some of their tasty treats.

This evening we had 10 vendors to visit:

Some of My Favourite Bites

Chocolate Arts pumpkin praline chocolate

Chocolate Arts Cafe – This one is all about chocolates and sweets. I was very impressed with the quality from C.A.C. They had a:

  • House made cookie enrobed in 70% chocolate with corn flavoured house made ice cream
  • Candied almonds
  • A Peanut mallow bite
  • A seasonal chocolate

Have you ever tried corn ice cream, or how about cheese flavoured ice cream?  If you have been to South America or to South East Asia, you probably tried one of these, but here it is much harder to come across.  I enjoyed the corn flavoured ice cream.  The corn flavour was not overpowering, but you still knew it was corn.  It was nice with the chocolate covered cookie.  The seasonal chocolate was organic pumpkin and praline.  The pumpkin flavour was again subtle and went very well with the 70% dark chocolate coating.  I would recommend going to the C.A.C. and indulging your sweet tooth. Bring out some BC ice wine or late harvest to complete the decadence.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. – They offered 1 slice of your choice from the following pizzas:

  • Bradner Farm Pizza:  Certified organic free range rosemary chicken from Bradner Farm with red onions, house made pesto & oven roasted red bell peppers.
  • Farmers Market Pizza: Topped with a combination of four to five seasonal local or preserved veggies, three herb nut free pesti & Capriny goat’s cheese.
  • Naturally Meaty: Spicy certified organic beef, sulphate free Italian sausage, ripe tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, asiago cheese & fresh herbs.

I tried the Naturally Meaty pizza.  The organic beef was spicy, just like I like it, but a little light on the beef and sausage.  No soggy crust.  The restaurant was open for regular patrons and it was packaged.  It is a very family friendly restaurant, with many tables full of young children.

The Bibo pizza and pasta

The Bibo – The Bibo offered both a pizza selection and a pasta selection.  The items were:

  • Pizzas selection: Margherita, Diavola, Prosciutto, Funghi, and Marinara.
  • Pasta selection: Rigatoni alla Norma, Lasagne al Pesto and Tagliatelle al Ragù.

I went for a slice of the Diavola pizza and the Lasagne al Pesto.  The lasagne was vegetarian and was so tasty with the wonderful basil flavour from the pesto.  I think I liked it more than the pizza and I would definitely try it again.  The Diavola pizza is made with spicy salami.  It was spicy but if you are not spice lover, I think you would still find it at an acceptable heat level.  Not too greasy, and a nice crispy crust. Go traditional and enjoy this with a glass of Tuscan Sangiovese (Chianti) or maybe try a BC Gamay Noir?

Atithi Indian Cuisine – The owners of Atithi really were very nice to us and tried to accommodate people’s tastes.  A friend I was with was given a dal in lieu of one of the dishes she did not sample.  The items to taste were:

  • Lotus roots with shrimp
  • Bengali mustard fish
  • Taro roots with local potato (vegan and veggie)

If you like spice, then this place is for you, but one of the dishes, the Bengali mustard fish, was not spicy; just full of flavour.  I really enjoyed it.  It was made from cod fish.  The taro roots with local potato was a dry dish, no sauce, and again was tasty for me.  The lotus root dish had sauce and would have challenged a few people on the spice level. An off-dry riesling would help quell the fire.

Petes Meats 3 sausages and sauerkraut

Pete’s Meat – Offered to us three distinct sausages with a small side of sauerkraut.  May have been my favourite dish of the night.  The sausages:

  • Lamb Merguez: medium spice with a complex flavor profile north African in origin
  • Sweet Italian: low spice, sweet and savoury our version of this classic
  • Chicken, chipotle, cilantro & lime: (Mexi/Cali, medium spice)

The sausages were all distinctive in taste.  I think my favourite was the Lamb Merguez, but they were all very good.  The sausages were not dry, but had the right mix of meat and fat for me. Maybe try this with a South African Pinotage?

That’s all for now from me.  Did you attend Tasting Plates?  If so, what were your favourites?  Leave a comment.

Thanks again to Richard aka @vanfoodster for hosting this event.

My Photos from Tasting Plates Vancouver Summer Edition

Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates card

Last week was Vancouver Foodster‘s 2nd Tasting Plates event in Vancouver. The first one was held downtown in February. This one was primarily on Main Street, which is gaining more restaurants and cafes. We were lucky to have a nice, not rainy, day to walk about. My partner in crime this evening was Dianne Chow @diannechow.

Dianne and I visited the following restaurants and cafes:

  • Salt Spring Coffee
  • Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co
  • Trafiq Café & Bakery
  • Bob Likes Thai Food
  • mygoodness! gluten & wheat free kitchen
  • Triple O’s on the Go
  • Sal y Limon
  • Fray

Enjoy our tasting trip through my photos.

Trafiq Café & Bakery

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co

Bob Likes Thai Food – Tuna Chili Dip, Rice ball with red curry paste, papaya salad and more.

Salt Spring Coffee – spiced orange mocha

Fray – Portobello Fries, Rosemary-Infused Potato / Taro Chips, Polenta Salad and Pork Belly Sandwich

Sal y Limon – making a Taco pollo pibil

Triple O’s on the Go – Mac & Cheese slider and Butterfinger milk shake enjoyed (but not shown)

mygoodness! gluten & wheat free kitchen – savory and sweet tarts

Overall my favourite restaurant sampling of the evening was the Sal y Limon Taco pollo pibil.  I like the texture of the corn tortilla, plus you could pick which salsa/sauce you wanted to top on your chicken.  The favourite drink is a toss up between the Butterfinger milk shake and the spiced orange mocha.  Overall all the places had something tasty to try. The full menu that evening for each restaurant are at this link.

Tasting Plates Vancouver Summer Edition – Get Your Tickets

If you like a bit of a restaurant crawl (similar to a pub crawl, but this one is food-based), then consider attending the Tasting Plates Vancouver Summer Edition.  Here are all the details you need to know, including participating restaurants, day and cost, from @vanfoodster ‘s press release.  Partial proceeds donated to support Project Limelight. I attended the February event and had fun. Enjoy!


Vancouver Foodster presents “Tasting Plates Vancouver” – Summer Edition

Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates Summer Edition

Vancouver, BC – Prepare to experience some of the newest and tastiest offerings on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 from 6 to 10 p.m. as Vancouver Foodster, Vancouver’s essential online food and drink guide, presents “Tasting Plates Vancouver” Summer Edition.

Participating restaurants will offer tasting plates of their food to the guests, thereby showcasing their restaurant and promoting their food and chefs.
The event is a roving tour that brings guests to the participating restaurants, cafes & food trucks, throughout the evening and they will walk, bike, transit, drive or car pool around East Van (Main Street, Fraser Street & Kingsway (between Main & Fraser) to the various participating restaurants.
Let your taste buds travel the city with Vancouver Foodster. Participating restaurants include:

More restaurants to be announced soon!

These are some of the tasty dishes to whet your appetite – offered at our previous event in February. and photos from our previous event in February.
Advance Tickets: $30 per person (eventbrite fee extra) before June 23, $100 for 4 pak of tickets (get a group of your friends/family together and save by purchasing a 4 pak (eventbrite fee extra) before June 23rd. *Regular Tickets $40 per person (eventbrite fee extra) after June 23 – ticket price includes tasting plates at each of the participating restaurants throughout the evening. A donation of $3 from each ticket purchased will go to support Project Limelight. (Beverages are included at some restaurants which will be noted, you are welcome to purchase wine, beer, cocktails or mocktails at each of the participating restaurants).

Note: ALL Tickets must be purchased in advance online. All ticket sales are final. No exchanges or refunds; however they are transferrable with printed proof of ticket.  Event produced by CMI Chat Media Inc
Tickets are available for purchase online only at http://tastingplatesyvrsummer.eventbrite.com/