Tasting Plates on Commercial Drive on August 12 – Get Your Tickets

Commercial Drive is chock full of really interesting restaurants and cafes. Lots of different restaurants from different regions of the world. So this upcoming Tasting Plates should be a real treat for your taste buds. The details from Vancouver Foodster, your host for this event, are below. Enjoy.


Tasting Plates collage

Tasting Plates collage

Tantalize your taste buds at several restaurants and establishments in the Commercial Drive neighborhood. This tasting extravaganza goes from 6pm until 10pm and is presented by Vancouver Foodster.

Each restaurant will be serving up Tasting Plates and Tasting Cups for guests to enjoy and you will have a chance to visit many different types of restaurants and a brewery throughout the event, meet some new food loving friends, meet the chefs, and learn about each of the participating restaurants.

If you haven’t been to our previous Tasting Plates events, Novus TV featured one of our previous events on City Lights (view here).

Visit our Tasting Plates site and view our past events, photos and more!

  • Bring along a friend or two, your significant other, your family or come solo.
  • A food networking dinner event connecting Vancouver’s vibrant food community.
  • Visit each of the participating restaurants and establishments at your leisure by walking, transit, bike, moped, car, or carpooling.

Registration: Federico’s Supper Club – this is where you will show us your printed or digital tickets and will pick up your Tasting Plates Cards and menus.

Special Musical Guest: Lesismore will perform live at Federico’s Supper Club (which is also our registration spot) starting at 6:30pm.

Participating Restaurants: 


1728 Commercial Drive

Twitter: @FedericosClub


Cuisine: Italian

Federico’s Supper Club is one of the best Italian restaurants Vancouver has to offer.  Discover a combination of authentic Italian cuisine and welcoming hospitality, served up in an old school atmosphere complete with live music and dancing five nights a week.

Awarded Italy’s prestigious ‘Quality Seal Certification’, Opentable Diners’ Choice (2011-2015), and multiple Reader’s Choice Awards,  guests are treated to fresh simple ingredients and dishes that are a reflection of old-world Italy with a contemporary twist. Located on The Drive in Vancouver’s ‘Little Italy’, there is something for everyone at Federico’s.  A truly unique experience!  Benvenuti a tutti!

Fratelli Bakery

1795 Commercial Drive

Web: http://fratellibakery.com/

Twitter: @fratellibakery

Cuisine: Italian Bakery

An award-winning-bakery with a reputation for making delicious treats. All of our recipes are original and all of our ingredients are fresh. As a result, we’ve created the best Italian pastries, breads, cookies, cupcakes, biscotti and cakes in town.

Prado Cafe

1938 Commercial Drive

Web: http://www.pradocafe.com/

Twitter: @PradoCafeVan

Cuisine: Café & dessert

At Prado Café we’re about two simple things: crafting the perfect brew and creating a great atmosphere. We feature a constant rotation of specialty locally roasted 49th Parallel beans and quality baked goods, sandwiches, light snacks and sweets.

Strange Fellows Brewing

1345 Clark Drive

Web: http://strangefellowsbrewing.com/

Twitter: @Strange_Fellows

Cuisine: Craft Brewery

Strange Fellows is a craft brewery based in East Vancouver, where West Coast craftsmanship is inspired by the traditions of the Old World and the unique. Our beers go beyond the ordinary, and celebrate that which is strange. We encourage you to follow your passion, and stand out from the crowd.  #KeepItStrange


1458 Commercial Drive



Cuisine: Juice Bar

More restaurants will be added and announced soon

Early-Bird Tickets: $29 per person before July 28, 2015

Advance Tickets: $40 per person after July 28, 2015

Regular Tickets $50 per person after August 10, 2015.

Note: Eventbrite fee and GST is extra on all tickets purchased online.

Purchase Tickets Here: 

Ticket price includes tasting plates at each of the participating restaurants throughout the evening. (Beverages are included at some restaurants which will be noted, you are welcome to purchase wine, beer, cocktails or mocktails at each of the participating restaurants).

Note: ALL Tickets must be purchased in advance online. All ticket sales are final. No exchanges or refunds; however you are welcome to transfer the ticket to another person for the same event if you notify us in advance with name (s) of who will be attending in your place. Event produced by CMI Chat Media Inc. This is an all ages event.

My “Tasting Plates the East Van Edition” Selection #TastingPlatesYVR

Tasting Plates is always an interesting event.  You get to visit around 6 restaurants, tasting a sample from their restaurant.  This Tasting Plates was held on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver and included 7 restaurants.  Below are the restaurants with what they offered, along with my comments and pictures.  Thank you to Vancouver Foodster for putting on these events and inviting me. Enjoy!


Our Tasting Plate will include all of these 2 items:

One slice of each of these 2 pizzas

  1. Margherita Pizza (V)
  2. Capricciosa Pizza

This was my last stop on the Tasting Plates scrum.  While Via Tevere is a restaurant, they also have a mobile food truck.  For us, the truck was parked beside the restaurant, cooking us Neapolitan style pizzas.  The Margherita topped with San Marzano tomoato, fior di latte, and basil. The Capricciosa topped with Prosciutto cotto, salami, artichoke, mushroom, and Nicoise olive.  Nice crispy rim, the toppings not overly thick, making it easy to eat, and not dripping on your hands, or in your lap.  Nice fresh flavours, which went down too quickly.  Can I have another slice?

Via Tevere not the food truck

Via Tevere not the food truck

Via Tevere food truck

Via Tevere food truck

Margherita and Capricciosa pizza from Via Tevere

Margherita and Capricciosa pizza from Via Tevere


Our Tasting Plate will include all of these items from one of these menus (your choice of Menu A, B or C):

Menu A:

  1. Crispy Spring Roll
  2. Green Papaya & Shrimp Salad
  3. Shrimp on Sugar Cane
  4. Creamy Pumpkin Coconut Soup

Menu B: Vegan option

  1. Crispy Spring Roll
  2. Green Papaya & Tofu Salad
  3. Coconut Curry
  4. Tom Yum Thai Hot & Sour Soup

Menu C

Choose 1 of the Noodle Soup

  • Phở- Rice noodles Soup -Choice of Chicken, Beef or Tofu & Vegetables
  • Phở  Saté Peanut Sauce: Rice Noodle Soup-Choice of  Chicken, Beef or Tofu & Vegetables
  • Hủ Tíu Nam Vang–Phnom Penh Mixed Seafood & Pork on Rice Noodle Soup
  • Bún Bò Huế -Spicy Lemongrass Beef & Pork Vermicelli Noodles Soup

I had the Menu B vegan option as the Green Papaya & Tofu Salad looked very interesting to try. I did enjoy the salad. Did you know that green papaya can be used as a vegetable?  If not, try a green papaya salad.  The Coconut curry was quite spicy, so if you are spice adverse, I’d suggest staying away from this dish.

Vegetarian option at Five Elements Cafe

Vegetarian option at Five Elements Cafe


Our Tasting Plate will include all of these 4 items:

  1. A variety of sausages on fork sticks with garlic aioli and mustards.
  2. Herb crusted beef Carpaccio with roasted garlic aioli or a parmesan truffle aioli on crostini.
  3. Mini Pizettas made with bite size rounds of puff pastry. Caramelized onions, bacon and plum slice.
  4. Mini Porchetta bites on focaccia with an orange and pinenut gremolata & basil/arugula pesto. (V)

I do enjoy charcuterie, so I was eagerly anticipating trying these from Pasture to Plate.  I did find out that they do farm biodynamically, which in my opinion, tries to enrich the soil, plants, and animals through non-synthetic chemical means, and works.  (I’ve written a few articles in the past reviewing biodynamic wines, and these wines always seem very alive to me.)  All the charcuterie was done very well and was very tasty, and I will come here again.

Pasture to Plate

Pasture to Plate

Charcuterie from Pasture to Plate

Charcuterie from Pasture to Plate


Our Tasting Plate will include all 3 of these items:

  1. Ceviche
  2. Guacamole (V)
  3. Beans (V)

This restaurant was super busy, with both regular customers and the Tasting Plates customers vying for the chef’s attention. Once in we had a sampling plate with ceviche, guacamole and refried beans, and chips to dip.  The ceviche had bright flavours and was a good mix of fish and vegetables.  I also really liked the smoky flavour in the refried beans.  I will have to try this restaurant on a non-busy day.

Ceviche beans and guacamole from La Mezcaleria

Ceviche, beans and guacamole from La Mezcaleria


Our Tasting Plate will include all of these items:

  1. Aloo Tikki (V)
  2. Chicken Goliya

These two dishes come as a small ball (chicken) or a patty (Aloo Tikki).  While both were very tasty, accompanied by a mint chutney, I liked the Aloo Tikki a bit more.  This patty is made with ground potatoes, so is nice and soft, lightly spiced inside, with a crunchy crust.  I have been told their Butter Chicken is a very good dish to try.

Aloo Tikki and Chicken Goliya

Aloo Tikki and Chicken Goliya


Our Tasting Bowl will feature a surprise selection of gelato flavours specially offered for this event (V)

The surprise flavours from Gelateria Dolce Amore was hazelnut and strawberry. The hazelnut flavour was my favourite, with the very pronounced, fresh, nutty flavour of the hazelnuts coming through the gelato.  It tasted like you were eating a handful of toasted hazelnuts.  This Gelateria is a family run business.  I spoke with one of the family members, who spoke so passionately about the quality of their ingredients and effort they put into making each gelato.  I did ask if they have lavender flavour, which is my overall favourite (or mixed with lemon is my ultimate favourite flavour), and they did, and I tried it, and was delighted.  Lavender may sound odd to some people, but get past the thought of it being floral, and try it.  It is very refreshing.  Just think of you sitting on a cafe in Nice, France, enjoying some gelato.

Admiring the gelato

Admiring the gelato

Talking about the hazelnut and strawberry gelato at Gelateria Dolce Amore

Talking about the hazelnut and strawberry gelato at Gelateria Dolce Amore


Our Tasting Cup will include one of the following beverages paired with the cookies.

  • Iced coffee
  • Iced tea
  • Macchiato

Mini cookies “with no name”.

Our first stop was Prado Cafe.  The cookie with no name, was fresh and hot from the oven, and looked to be made with granola/oak flakes, chocolate chips, and topped with a tiny marshmallow.  It was very tasty.  To sip with it, I had the macchiato, an espresso coffee, mixed with a small amount of milk.  A good jolt to start of my Tasting Plates adventure.

Cookie with no name from Prado Cafe

Cookie with no name from Prado Cafe

Waiting for my macchiato at Prado Cafe

Waiting for my macchiato at Prado Cafe

Vancouver Foodsters 3rd Anniversary Party

Last week was Richard Wolak‘s, aka Vancouver Foodster, 3rd anniversary party.  Richard has been very active visiting restaurants and blogging, as well as having a radio show, hosting Tasting Plates, and Food Talks.   Myself and some other select friends who have supported Richard in his journey were invited to a private party at Prado Cafe on 4th and Commercial.  The party was very low key and we spent most of our time chatting with friends and making new friends.  Prado Cafe was making free coffees for us, a cappucino for me, as well as some sweet and savory nibbles.  Prado Cafe makes really good coffee with Sammy Piccolo, Canadian Barista Champion.  Keri-Rose was also there (first time I met her) and she had gluten free cupcakes for us to try.  Overall a fun, low-key event.  Thanks Richard and good luck in the future. 
Enjoy the pictures from the event below.

Prado Cafe


Gluten free cupcakes by Keri-Rose

Richard address the audience.