My Favourite Wine Writing Words

Do you ever wonder what words you like to use the most when you are talking about wine, or some other topic that is important to you? I do. So I decided to try 3 different “Word Cloud Generator” tools on the web to scour through my website blog entries and find out which words are my most popular. I decided to try more than one tool to see if the tools come up with the same words or are completely different.

The results of the 3 Word Cloud Generators and their graphics are below.  I left the word clouds in the format produced by the tools rather than try to make the clouds all look the same in shape and text orientation so that you get a better idea of what is produced.  Just in case you have never seen a word cloud before, the more frequently a word is used in a blog, document, etc, the larger it appears in the word cloud.

My Word Clouds

Wordle was the first tool that I ever heard about for creating word clouds.  From my experience, I think it does a very good job of finding favourite words.

MyWinePal Wordle

MyWinePal – Wordle

Tagxedo also seems to do a good job.  Do you notice any similar words to my Wordle word cloud?  One thing I notice showing up is Pinterest and Facebook, which are “Like” buttons on my blog, so maybe this algorithm is reading more than just the blog articles.

MyWinePal Tagxedo

MyWinePal – Tagxedo

Word it Out was the last of the three tools.  I think this word cloud is much more similar to Wordle, but the presentation, as-is, is not too stunning.

MyWinePal Word it Out

MyWinePal – Word it Out

Between the 3 word clouds, I think my favourite words are:

  • wine
  • Vancouver
  • Pinot
  • fruit
  • Syrah
  • Chardonnay
  • France

An interesting experiment that may also give you some insight into what I like to talk about, or wines that I enjoy.  You may want to try this with other blogs, or with in the future, as theoretically each new article I post can potentially change the word cloud!

Win with your wine at the Vancouver Magazine International Wine Competition

I received this note recently, and thought that maybe there are a few wineries around that may not know about this competition.  It is always good to get your wines reviewed, and win some awards.  You spend lots of time and hard labour bringing your wines to the table.  Why not submit them?  Here is the note:

There are TWO WEEKS remaining to enter your wines in the 2010 Vancouver magazine International Wine Competition.  Please submit your entries online by Wednesday, September 15th, 2010.  Online application is available at – click on the competition logo on the homepage.

Why should you enter:

·         This is a wine competition with a difference!

·         Wines judged by style category – just the way consumers choose wine

·         Over 100 winners in 10 different style categories

·         Western Canada’s largest judging of international and domestic wines

·         Distinguished judging panel of Canada’s acknowledged experts including Masters of Wine, BC’s top sommeliers, educators, critics, journalists and buyers

·          55,000 issues of the January/February 2011 issue featuring the top 100 winners

·         The #1 selling edition that is retained by readers for year-long reference

·         Winning wines are showcased weekly as the most viewed item on Vancouver magazine’s WEEKEND FIX newsletter straight to 5,500 inboxes every Thursday

·         Top wines also featured in 19,000 copies of GuestLife Vancouver; 18,000 copies of Vancouver magazine’s CityGuide

·         All award-winning wines receive on-line exposure ( for one year featuring a wine description, bottle shot and link to the BC Liquor Store stock search page for easy access for consumers to find and purchase the wine

·         Exposure at the prestigious BIG NIGHT event that celebrates the 10 category winners paired with Vancouver magazine  Restaurant Award winners in a lavish, much-anticipated food and wine event in the spring of 2011

·         BC Liquor Stores promotion

·         BC Liquor store promotion gives unprecedented exposure to award-winning wines

·         18,000 overruns of Vancouver magazine’s January/February supplement are distributed to more than 30 participating liquor stores

Thank you for supporting this influential competition.

Yours in wine,

DJ Kearney, Chief Judge

2011 Vancouver magazine International Wine Competition

Important Dates:

ENTRY DEADLINE                                                                                             SEPTEMBER 15TH

Consolidation Point Open                                                                            September 20th

Consolidation Point Closed                                                                          October 1st

Wine Judging                                                                                                     October 27-29th

Winners Published Online                                                                            December 6th

Wine Awards Issue Available                                                                      December 20th

BCLDB Promotion Begins                                                                              February 1st

Big Night Vancouver                                                                                       February 4th

Fraser Valley Wineries Association 2nd Annual Wine & Culinary Extravaganza

var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.” : “http://www.”);
document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + gaJsHost + “’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));

try {
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker(“UA-3295479-2”);
} catch(err) {}Today was a beautiful day for the Fraser Valley Wineries Association 2nd Annual Wine & Culinary Extravaganza in south Langley. A large tent was set up, wines were chilled, and hot & cold appetizers were plenty. Some of the wineries offered grape based wines, which most of us think of, but there were also several fruit berry wineries. On the grape-side we had:
– Domaine de Chaberton Estate Wine
– Lotusland Vineyards
– Pacific Breeze Winery

– River’s Bend Winery

On the fruit berry side there was:
– Westham Island Estate Winery
– Wellbrook Winery
– Sanduz Estate Wines

– The Fort Wine Company

Some people say they get headaches after drinking red wine from grapes. This could be due to the tannins in some of the heavier reds, such as from syrah, cabernet sauvignon, and merlot. There are lighter bodied reds, with less tannins, such as gamay and pinot noir. But there is also another route that these red wine suffers may want to take, and that is to drink red berry wine. At today’s event, I was able to try wine made from blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, red currant, and black currant. I enjoyed the currant wines the most, as they were the closest to grape wine for me, but I can appreciate the other wines as well. There was also dessert (sweet) fruit wines to sample. One I enjoyed was the Sanduz blueberry dessert wine. It was almost porty.

On the grape side, I was very happy to find out that Lotusland Vineyards is an organic winery and also uses wild fermentation (that is using the native yeast in the vineyard to ferment the wines. The other method is to purchase specialized yeasts for fermentation.) Their gewurztraminer had a lychee / pear nose was light bodied and had a delicate flavour. Their pinot noir and merlot was also very nice. I unfortunately did not have a tasting sheet to make notes, for these wines or the other wines, but I do remember which wines I enjoyed the most. If you like big Rhone style or Bordeaux style wines, Pacific Breeze Winery, was pouring a Vin de Gariste and a GSM (Grenache / Syrah / Mouvedre) blend. They also had a very full bodied, creamy chardonnay. Another winery I enjoyed was River’s Bend. They had a very nice white blend called Flaxen, a Viognier, and a Pinot Gris. On the red side, their 2006 Black Horse, a blend of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, was nice paired up with the pulled pork sandwich from Memphis Blues Barbeque.

There were several other local restaurants, such as Coza Tuscan Grill and Sonoma Grill serving up appetizers to go with the wines. The event was overall run very well. I’d recommend people to attend next year’s event so you can also try out these wines, or take a 1-day weekend trip to visit each winery.