Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates Chinatown on November 23

If you enjoy exploring different parts of Vancouver, and trying out different restaurants, why not buy tickets to Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates in Chinatown?  Details from Vancouver Foodster are below.  Will I see you there?


Tantalize your taste buds at several restaurants in Chinatown. This evening tasting extravaganza goes from 6pm until 10pm and is presented by Vancouver Foodster.

Each restaurant will be serving up Tasting Plates and Tasting Cups for guests to enjoy and you will have a chance to visit many different types of restaurants throughout the event, meet some new food loving friends, meet the chefs, and learn about each of the participating restaurants.

Registration: tba- this is where you will show us your printed or digital tickets and will pick up your Tasting Plates Passports and menus.

Participating Restaurants:



Klaus’s Kaffe Haus

291 E. Pender Street


Twitter: @KandJFoodTruck

Cuisine: Austrian

Klaus’s Kaffee Haus is a unique place offering the best hand-made strudel with assorted fillings (sweet & savory).

lisa lous

Lisa Lou’s Cbocolate Bar

1007 Main Street


Twitter: @Lisa_Lous

Cuisine: Dessert shop

Handcrafted Chocolate, Caramels, Ice Creams, Pastries & Cheesecake complete with Espresso Bar, from scratch Iced Teas, Cold Brew and Floats.


Image result for bodega on main


Bodega on Main 

1014 Main Street



Cuisine: Spanish tapas

Vancouver’s newest Spanish Tapa Bar and Lounge serving traditional Spanish cuisine using our family recipes with a modern twist.



Treasure Green Tea 

227 East Georgia Street

Twitter: @TreasureGreen_T


Cuisine: Chinese Tea House

Second-generation tea master, Olivia Cheung runs the tea shop, Established in 1981 by Olivia’s father, Treasure Green Tea Company is the first authentic Chinese tea shop in Vancouver, they are celebrating 35 years this year.



Le Tigre Cuisine Food Truck

(location to be announced)


Twitter: @LeTigreTruck

Cuisine: Modern Chinese

Modern Asian food truck with kickass dishes from Chef Clement Chan & Chef Steve Kuan .


Propaganda Coffee

209 East Pender Street

Instagram: propagandacoffee

Twitter: @ppgdacoffee


Cuisine: Coffee/Cafe

Stylish cafe featuring Elysian and Phil & Sebastian coffee.


Early-Bird Tickets: $33 per person before November 10, 2016

Advance Tickets: $45 per person after November 10, 2016

Regular Tickets $60 per person after November 20, 2016

Note: Eventbrite fee and GST is extra on all tickets purchased online.

Purchase Tickets Here: 

Tasting Plates Chinatown – A Few Photos to Tantalize You

Tasting Plates Chinatown wrapped up last week.  All the restaurants were around Main street and it was a short walk to each one, which was good as parking is difficult in this area.  Added bonus was the sunny weather.  Below are a few photos from my foray and some comments on the food.  Enjoy.

Note that the Downtown South Tasting Plates is coming up on September 16.  Details here for Tasting Plates Downtown South.

Tasting Plates - Sai Woo dumpling fritter and drumette

Tasting Plates – Sai Woo dumpling fritter and drumette

Sai Woo has been nominated as one of the best new restaurants in Canada.  Not a traditional Chinese restaurant, this one had 3 very tasty bites for us to try.  I particularly liked the Crispy Drummettes with peppercorn glaze.

Le Tigre Kickass rice with freaken chicken

Le Tigre Kickass rice with freaken chicken

Le Tigre Food Truck always delivers with their dishes.  This one is no exception.  You do need to be able to handle a bit of spice, or at least pick out the slices of red chilies.  I really liked the soft poached egg, when I break the yolk and add it into the rice.  It also has the chicken.  Which did I try first?  The chicken or the egg?

Treasure Green Tea Company - White Mojito Oolong with Orange and Lavender Pu-erh iced teas

Treasure Green Tea Company – White Mojito Oolong with Orange and Lavender Pu-erh iced teas

Treasure Green Tea is also not what you would expect in Chinatown.  Most would think of traditional teas, served hot.  These teas were iced, and combined with lavender, orange and mint+lime (Mojito).  All of them delicious.

Floata Seafood Restaurant - BBQ Pork Bun Vegetable Spring Roll Sesame Ball Soya Sauce Chow Mein

Floata Seafood Restaurant – BBQ Pork Bun Vegetable Spring Roll Sesame Ball Soya Sauce Chow Mein

Floata Seafood Restaurant.  This is traditional Chinese food to fill you up.  Nothing really outstanding.  I was a little disappointed as they are a “seafood” restaurant, and there was no seafood served.

Propaganda Coffee - Cappuccino and cold brew coffee

Propaganda Coffee – Cappuccino and cold brew coffee

Propaganda Coffee served it up right with both cold brew and hot coffees.  I have tried cold brew coffee before and it did not thrill me, but I must say that this coffee did have some nice flavour and would try it again.  The cappuccino was also very good.

Torafuku served up their Rye so messy chicken wings and This is not tortellini Negitoro on Brioche.  A big line up to get into this restaurant for a good taste of what they offer.

Flip Top Filipino fusion food truck

Enjoying Vancouver Tasting Plates Mount Pleasant

Another Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates has come and gone.  The neighbourhood we visited this time was Mount Pleasant.  It was quite a fun event with new cuisine to many of us, in particular Filipino and Peruvian food.  The restaurants / food trucks we visited on this trip and my comments and pictures of each venue are below.  Enjoy!

Flip Top Food Truck

Flip Top Filipino fusion food truck

Flip Top Filipino fusion food truck

This is one of the newer food trucks in Vancouver.  It has some very tasty Filipino treats that I think most people have not had a chance to try.  It’s hard to miss this truck, brightly coloured in the Philippines flag colours, reminding me of the decorated jeepneys in Manila.

Lumpia, bbq pork, and Pacman Pandesal slider

Lumpia, bbq pork, and Pacman Pandesal slider

Lumpia is a a deep fried spring roll that can be filled with sweet or savory fillings.  This one was vegetarian and served with a sweet chili dipping sauce.  I really enjoyed the BBQ pork skewer.  The pork was soft and so full of flavour.  It was glazed with Flip Top’s signature BBQ sauce.  Everyone I talked to loved the BBQ skewer.  The last item on the plate was their Pacman Pandesal slider.  There are 2 things to note about this slider.  First is that they use Pandesal, which is a sweet Filipino bun.  There are a few Filipino bakeries in town that make Pandesal, and people tend to line up to get it fresh from the oven.  The other item to note is “Pacman“.  If you didn’t know, Pacman is the nickname for Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.  According to Wikipedia, “He was named “Fighter of the Decade” for the 2000s (decade) by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing Organization (WBO).” (  So to me, with the tip to Manny, they are putting up their burger against all others.  It definitely is a contender!

Le Tigre Cuisine Food Truck

Le Tigre food truck

Le Tigre food truck

Le Tigre is well known around Vancouver.  The chefs are especially characters, wearing Hello Kitty glasses.  They cooked a very tasty salmon miso chowder.  Really full of flavour.  The salmon not overcooked.

Le Tigre miso salmon chowder

Le Tigre miso salmon chowder

I would not hesitate to order this dish again.

Milano Coffee Roasters

Milano Coffee Roasters was our starting point for Tasting Plates.  I had a shot of their 2012 Gold Medal Winner, La Furtura, from a competition in Italy. Espresso with a chocolate overtone. Nice acidity.

Milano Coffee Roasters La Futura espresso

Milano Coffee Roasters La Futura espresso

Urban Fare (False Creek)

Urban Fare in the Olympic Village area of False Creek served us a mixed platter of prosciutto and melon skewer, coconut Gouda cheese drizzled with Callebaut chocolate, and a macaron, and served it with a taste of wine from BC’s Blasted Church.  I had my platter of with a glass of Hatfield’s Fuse.  The cheese with the chocolate was very tasty, as was the crostini that was topped with curried chicken. The Blasted Church Hatfield’s Fuse was a good accompaniment.

Urban Fare crostini, proscutto and melon, cheese with chocolate ,and macaron

Urban Fare crostini, prosciutto and melon skewer, cheese with chocolate ,and a macaron

Bonchaz Bakery Cafe

Sweet and savory Bon Chaz buns

Sweet and savory Bon Chaz buns

BonChaz offers a unique bun to it’s customers.  The traditional BonChaz bun has butter inside and icing sugar dusting the top.  One of these buns fresh out of the oven with the butter melted inside is very decant.  Bump the decadence up with an Apple Cinnamon BonChaz bun.  And a coffee of course.

Chicha Restaurant

Besides Flip Top, Chicha Restaurant was another delightful surpise during Tasting Plates.  In South America, people from the surrounding countries that I have talked to say that Peru produces the best, most flavourful food.  They are especially known for their ceviche.  Today there was no ceviche on our tasting menu, but we did have very tasty food.

Chicha Restaurant menu

Chicha Restaurant menu

All the food was very well done.  In particular I liked the wild salmon sliders with the salsa criolla and the Aji Amarillo aioli.  Lots of flavours between the salmon, the aioli and the onion salsa.

Chicha salmon slider quinoa salad and home made potato chips

Chicha salmon slider quinoa salad and home made potato chips

Baylor’s Groceries

My last stop was Baylor’s Groceries where Chef Tim has been cooking and serving his special home made soups.  This evening we had a choice of curried pumpkin bisque with pureed cashews, or cream of chicken and mushroom.  With the coolness of fall in the air, I opted for the curried pumpkin soup, which I really enjoyed.  It was wonderfully spiced with bright and earthy flavours.

Curried pumpkin bisque with pureed cashews

Curried pumpkin bisque with pureed cashews

Vancouver Foodster Presents Food Talks Vol. 7 on April 2nd

If you haven’t been to a Food Talk and you are a foodie, where have u been?  Don’t miss out on lucky #7!  The theme for this talk is “Food Trucks“. Here is the info from Vancouver Foodster about his event.


roaming dragon food truck

Roaming Dragon food truck

This is the seventh event in this Food Talks series! This edition of Food Talks is themed Food Trucks: The business & the movement. This event takes on a specific theme and will create discussion and hopefully answer any questions people may have about starting their own food truck, or touch on why food trucks are all the rage in our city and throughout North America!  You will get the inside scoop on the new Food Truck Pods and Festivals the City of Vancouver is planning for the coming summer!

Join us over Appetizers from the chefs at the Electric Owl and then to hear some enlightening speakers from the food community. We are thrilled to be featuring one of the Producers & Creators of the popular Food Network TV Show Eat this edition of Food Talks.

5 Speakers:

  • Jory Simkin and Jason Apple, Roaming Dragon and Gourmet Syndicate Inc
  • Sarb Mund, Soho Road Truck & Food Truck Incubator
  • Councillor Heather Deal, City of Vancouver
  • Clement Chan and Steve Kuan, Le Tigre Truck
  • Audrey Mehler, Paperny Entertainment

The Evening:

Enjoy a wonderful line-up of speakers who will talk about themselves and their role related to the Food Trucks: The business & the movement. There will be a Q & A where you will have a chance to ask questions and engage with the speakers. There will be a draw for prizes.* Wine, beer, cocktails and other beverages will be available for purchase.

Growing Chefs is our designated charity, support their wonderful organization that educates children on the food community in the public schools.


$15 per person before March 29. * $21 per person after March 29 at 11pm and at the door. (eventbrite fee extra). A donation of $3 from each ticket purchased will go to support Growing Chefs.

Purchase tickets here

Full details of the event including the Speakers bio’s is here

See the past 30 Food Talks Speakers presentations 

Vancouver Foodster Presents the 2nd Annual Tasting Plates Vancouver Downtown Edition

Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates 2nd annual Downtown EditionHow fast one year goes by and we are into the next year.  Vancouver Foodster is having his 2nd Annual Tasting Plates – Downtown Edition on February 20, 2013. I attended the Inaugural Tasting Plates downtown and had fun walking and talking with my friend.  This is an event you want to share with friend or significant other.  This year Vancouver Foodster has also added a music component, so you can eat with your ears and your eyes, but don’t listen too much, you don’t want to be too full for other courses 🙂

Here is the announcement. Enjoy!


Vancouver, BC – Prepare to experience some of the newest and tastiest offerings on Wednesday, February 20 from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm as Vancouver Foodster, Vancouver’s essential online food and drink guide, presents the 2nd annual“Tasting Plates Vancouver” Downtown Edition .

Live music has been added this year and will be featured at the Vancouver Fanclub (which is also our registration spot) starting at 5:30pm.

Participating restaurants will offer tasting plates of their food to the guests, thereby showcasing their restaurant and promoting their food and chefs.

The event is a roving tour that brings guests to the participating restaurants, cafes & food trucks, throughout the evening and they will by moped, bike, driving, transit, walking, roller skates, skateboarding or carpooling. around downtown including Coal Harbour and the West End.

  • Vegetarian options will be available at many of the participating restaurants.
  • Bring along a friend or two, your significant other, your family or come solo.
  • A food networking dinner event connecting Vancouver’s vibrant food community
  • Registration: Vancouver Fanclub at 1050 Granville Street -this is where guests will show us their printed or digital tickets and will pick up their Tasting Plates Map Cards.

Participating restaurants include:

Pink Elephant Thai
Lolita`s Cantina
Zachary`s on Robson
Betty on Burrard
Red Card Sports Bar + Eatery
Soho Road Food Truck
Soirette Macaron & Tea 
Vancouver Fanclub

Tickets are available for purchase online only at

Advance Tickets: $35 per person (eventbrite fee extra). $100 for 4 pak of tickets or $135 for 6 pak of tickets (get a group of your friends/family together and save by purchasing a 4 pak or a 6 pak (eventbrite fee extra). Tickets $45 per person (eventbrite fee extra) after February 17th. Ticket price includes tasting plates at each of the participating restaurants throughout the evening. (Beverages are included at some restaurants which will be noted, you are welcome to purchase wine, beer, cocktails or mocktails at each of the participating restaurants). $3 from each ticket purchased will go to support one of our charity partners – tba

Note: ALL Tickets must be purchased in advance online. All ticket sales are final. No exchanges or refunds; however they are transferrable with printed proof of ticket.  Event produced by CMI Chat Media Inc

“When I first started Vancouver Foodster over 3-1/2 years ago, it was because I had a great passion for food and wanted to share it with the public,” explains Richard Wolak, Editor and Publisher of Vancouver Foodster. ‘Tasting Plates Vancouver’ is a chance for people to try something different, foods from restaurants, food trucks, cafés and bakeries in Vancouver!” Richard Wolak

Tasting Plates Vancouver Fall Edition – A Real Cultural Mix

The latest Vancouver Foodster Tasting Plates Vancouver Fall Edition was last week, November 21.  It was the most diverse tasting of food since the Tasting Plates started IMHO.  There were 2 Chinese Tea shops, Moroccan cuisine, a raw oyster bar, a funky night club, a pizza food truck, and more chocolate (you can never have enough chocolate tasting), amongst other venues.  Here are my favourites of the night.

The Electric Owl

This night club on Main Street was quite surprising with their Asian inspired cuisine.  I thougth their Mini Eggplant Sub (a take off of a Vietnamese sub) was very tasty.  I liked the crunchy sub bun.  Lots of flavour, and not too spicy.  Also the Fukuro burger sliders were super ppoular.  I like the wasabi slaw that gave the burger some heat.  And the Mini Sakana Chipu, a Grey Goose battered ling code bite was done right; crispy and not greasy.

Fukuro burger slider from Electric Owl

Fukuro burger slider from Electric Owl

Grey Goose battered ling cod bite from Electric Owl

Grey Goose battered ling cod bite from Electric Owl

Mini eggplant sub from Electric Owl

Mini eggplant sub from Electric Owl

Harvest Community Foods

It started out as a cool night, so walking into Harvest Community Foods, with their steam filled windows was welcome.  They served a bone warming ramen with Fraser Valley pork shoulder and SOLE food radish.

Ramen with Fraser Valley pork shoulder from Harvest

Ramen with Fraser Valley pork shoulder from Harvest

East of Main Cafe

How many Moroccan restaurants can you name in Vancouver?  Well now you can say 1 for sure with the East of Main Cafe.  They offered a tasting plate containing:

  • Kefta skewer with spicy tomato sauce (I liked the tomato sauce)
  • Onion Soup (another bone warmer, with lots of flavour, and not salty as some onion soups can be)
  • Spanish torta with mojo sauce (I think my favourite of the items here. The mojo sauce had a nice smoky flavour to it)
  • Spiced almond labneh with preserved lemon and herb salsa on a pita chip
Tasting plate from East of Main Cafe

Tasting plate from East of Main Cafe

Oyster Express

You can never go wrong with getting a fresh local beach oyster on the half shell, with a squeeze of lemon!

Fresh beach oysters from Oyster Express

Fresh beach oysters from Oyster Express

The Chinese Tea Shop

This was very interesting.  As each wave of people entered the shop, we w0uld sit down and learn a bit about brewing tea the Chinese way.  I learned much about special clay tea pots, and size does matter (the smaller the better btw). Also the temperature of the water matters depending on which type of tea you are serving.  We tried the Cloud Mist Green tea (served at a cooler temperature) and a Mini Tao Black Pu-erh tea (at a higher temperature).

The Chinese Tea Shop

The Chinese Tea Shop

Pazza Rella Pizza Food Truck

This was my last stop of the evening.  I was stuffed like a calzone, but had to try a slice of pizza from their wood fired oven.  My slice was from a Margherita pizza, a blend of olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses.  Nice thin crispy crust and flavourful toppings.

Pazza Rella wood burning pizza oven

Pazza Rella wood burning pizza oven

Beta 5

Last but not least was dessert for the evening.  Beta 5 offered a do-it-yourself hot chocolate milk.  They served you a steaming cup of milk, and your choice of a stick containing a block of milk or dark chocolate.  I went the dark chocolate route.  It was very filling.  They also had assorted candies anda  seasonal creampuff too.

Seasonal cream puff from Beta 5

Seasonal cream puff from Beta 5

My Bada Bing Food Truck Experience

Bada Bing Truck with menu

After a quick meeting downtown today, it was almost noon, so I decided to try a food truck.  Beside the Burrard Skytrain station was the Bada Bing truck. They proudly list that they make a chicken and a steak Philly Cheese sandwich.  I decided to go for the chicken this time.  The sandwich came on a foot-long bun, loaded with bite sized pieces of chicken in a light Middle Eastern flavoured sauce to me, along with lots of fried onions, and melted provolone cheese.  The sandwich was piping hot, the way I like it.  I didn’t try to add any extra condiments, but wished I did.  The sandwich was good, and filling, but there was no bright or sour flavours to complement the chicken & fried onions.  I think some dill pickle, or picked banana peppers would have been a great addition to the sandwich.  I will have to try next time.

What wine would I have with this Chicken Philly Cheese?  I think a juicy Gamay would be my first choice.  Not overly heavy bodied or too much dark fruit flavours.  A few gamays that I can recommend are:

  • Bada Bing Chicken Philly Cheese

    Henry Fessy Julienas 2009, France ($25.99). If you like lighter bodied reds, such as from Pinot Noir, you may also like this wine, which is made from the Gamay grape. Nice medium ruby colour. Light cherry nose.  Medium body with light tannins and medium acidity. Cherry flavours. Easy to enjoy.

  • Henry Fessy “St. Amour”, 2009, France ($24.99). This is a Beaujolais from the eastern part of France (south of Burgundy), made from the Gamay grape.  Pale ruby in colour.  Cherry bon bon nose. Light body and lower tannins.  Cherry flavour. Lighter in body than a Bordeaux, similar in weight to a lighter Pinot Noir.
  • Volcanic Hills Estate Winery Gamay Noir 2009, BC ($12.90).  An unbelievable price for a single varietal wine from the Okanagan. This is a nice light bodied wine that you can serve slightly chilled.  The wine was pale cherry in colour.  Restrained aromas of red cherry and red currants, and a hint of smoke. On the palate there was violets, roses, cherries, black pepper and a bit of spice.  Refreshing acidity and quite a long finish.

If you do not like red wine, try these white wines:

  • Stags Hollow Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc 2010

    Stags Hollow Viognier 2010, BC. This Viognier was pale in colour with some sweetness, orange, and flower aromas. Very pretty. Tropical fruit and cinnamon flavours.  Medium body.

  • Thornhaven Estates Winery Pinot Gris 2010, BC. I think there is something specific about the terroir for this wine that makes this Pinot Gris have a wonderful grapefruit nose and flavour.  I haven’t seen this in other Okanagan Pinot Gris. Pale lemon in colour with red grapefruit nose. Flowery with citrus, grapefruit flavours. Yum.
  • Monmousseau Cuvee JM Brut 2007, France ($19.99). This sparkler is made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes. Light lemon in colour .  Light citrus with a hint of honey aromas.  Cinnamon greets your lips up front on the palate, followed with citrus and apple flavours.  Medium acid and length.  Very tasty.

I hope to have more time to visit other food trucks in downtown Vancouver this summer, and give you my wine pairing recommendations. Enjoy!

A Tasty Evening at Tasting Plates Vancouver

Tasting Plates Vancouver

Last night was the Tasting Plates event in downtown Vancouver.  It was a perfect night, no rain, no wind.  So walking to the restaurants/carts would be a pleasure.  If you hadn’t heard about Tasting Plates it was a walk about event where you visit up to 10 food vendors, and they give you a selection of appetizers and/or drinks to try from them.  For this evening the participating vendors were:

  • Juice Truck
  • Cosca Restaurant
  • Cupcakes Denman
  • Bonchaz Bakery Cafe
  • Footo Delights
  • Notturno Paninoteca
  • WE. Coffee Inc.
  • Soho Road
  • W2 Media Cafe
  • Leonadis Chocolate

My Highlight Tastings

I started out at 5:30pm, walking, drinking, and tasting till 8:30pm.  In that time I was able to visit Notturno Paninoteca, Bonchaz, Juice Truck, Leonadis Chocolate, Soho Road and Footo Delights.  What were my highlight tastings?

Notturno Paninoteca

Notturno tasting plate

Located at 280 Carrall Street, this place had my favourite food overall.   A narrow restaurant with a nice bar. Just opened in November last year and recently getting their liquor license.  They served 3 appetizers, and I paired them with a nice glass of Prosecco.  The appetizers, all winners were:

  • Tartufo di Capra – black truffle goat cheese, greens, tomato pearls
  • Crudo – albacore tuna crudo, cucumber, tomato, chili aoli, balsamic pearls
  • Fico – blue cheese aoli, fig, black olive, walnuts

My favorite of the 3 was the Tuna Crudo.  It had high acidity with fresh flavours and some spiciness in the background.  The Fico with blue cheese aoli was also quite nice.  You had a combination of sweetness, the blue cheese sharpness and the crustiness of the bread.

Soho Road

Soho Road Beef Seekh Naan Kebab

My next favorite place was Soho Road, a food truck located at the corner of Smithe and Howe streets.  Again 3 appetizers, some nice hot chai for a cold night.  The appetizers were:

  • Butter Chicken Naan Kebab – Tandoori chicken smothered in our famous butter chicken sauce and topped off with a salad of cucumber, tomato, red onion and cilantro all on a freshly baked Naan.
  • Beef Seekh Naan Kebab – Ground spicy Beef kebab with chaat masala,  and drizzled with a tamarind chutney. Topped off  with a salad of cucumber, tomato, red onion and cilantro all on a freshly baked Naan.
  • Mixed Vegetable Subji – Carrots, Peas, Potatoes and onions cooked with cumin, coriander and other traditional spices, topped with a light mayonnaise and a salad of cucumber, tomato, red onion and cilantro served on a freshly baked Naan.

Of these, there was unanimous agreement amongst the foodies there that the Beef Seekh Naan Kebab.  Again bursting with flavour from the spiced beef and the salad, especially the cilantro.  Some Riesling or maybe a Pinotage would have been a nice accompaniment. My next favorite was the Mixed Vegetable Subji.  Lots of nice textures in your mouth.

Leonadis Chocolate

Leonadis Liege Waffles and macaron

Leonadis won my third place vote, in particular for their Liege waffle.  Their tasting plate consisted of:

  • Piece of Leonidas chocolate
  • Liege Waffle
  • Espresso Con Panna
  • Shot of our regular Hot Chocolate (52.3%)
  • Shot of our Frozen Noisette

This is a Belgian inspired coffee/waffle/chocolate shop.  I had never had a Liege Waffle before, but loved it.  The waffle had a cake-like texture, not doughy like waffles are here.  It also tasted like there could have been some apple mixed in with the waffle as I picked up an apple flavour. To this I think the Hot Chocolate paired nicely.  On the way out we had our choice of one of several hand made Belgian chocolates.  If you want to find out more about Liege Waffles, here is a recipe I found online.

If you want to find out more about all the vendors you can follow them on Twitter.  Their Twitter handles are @CoscaRestaurant @WECoffeeInc  @CupcakesDenman @FootoDelights @NotturnoGastown @juicetruck @W2MediaCafe @LeonidasChocola  @bonchaz @sohoroad

Thank you very much for Richard Wolak aka @vanfoodster for arranging this fun event. Enjoy!