Enjoy Drinks and Tasty Dishes at Joe Fortes Rooftop Patio

Patio season is well underway in Vancouver. But have you ever considered enjoying the city view from a rooftop patio in downtown Vancouver? If not, give Joe Fortes on Thurlow, just off of Robson, a chance. I attended their patio kickoff recently, and they had great food from seafood and chicken tacos, oysters on the half shell, and other varieties of seafood. In addition they have a bar on the rooftop patio, so enjoy a glass of wine, or a glass of sparkling wine, beer, or other drink along with the great food. Below are a few pictures of the event to entice you.  I was sipping Segura Viduas Reserva Cava, Spanish sparkling.  It goes very well with seafood.   Enjoy the summer!

Joe Fortes: Crab legs prawns mussels oysters lobster and tuna for the taking

Joe Fortes: Crab legs prawns mussels oysters lobster and tuna for the taking

Joes Gold special oysters

Joes Gold special oysters

Two tacos from Joe Fortes rooftop patio

Two tacos from Joe Fortes rooftop patio


Vancouver Chefs Dishes Festival

Chefs Signature Dishes Festival – Get Your Tickets

Vancouver Chefs Dishes Festival

Vancouver Chefs Dishes Festival

Wouldn’t you be honoured if a chef made a dish specially for you to try, not on their menu?   I would. This is the opportunity that Vancouver Foodster is offering to you through his Chef’s Signature Dishes Festival.  Below are the details of the event from Vancouver Foodster.  Bon Appetit!


We are fortunate to live in a city which has one of the most exciting culinary scenes in North America, where chefs are passionate about the ingredients that they use, are committed to pushing boundaries and are creating dishes to excite the diners palate. I have created this Signature Dishes Festival to put the spotlight on these creative chefs and their restaurants who support their creativity and passion; said Richard Wolak, this festival is also a challenge featuring 15 participating Chefs and their Restaurants in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and Langley where diners are invited to vote for their favourite dishes, this festival runs from September 6-30, 2013.

Chefs create a must try signature dish (this dish can-not be on the restaurant’s menu, it must be a new dish created by the chef) to enter in this Chefs Signature Dishes Festival. The Chefs creation can be simple to fancy, using unique and innovative ingredients, any type, as nutritious or indulgent as he/she wants, I told them to be creative and imaginative and to stay true to their type of cuisine or restaurant

Participating restaurants are featuring their Chefs who have created a new Signature Dish creation

These are just some of the creative Chefs and their Signature Dish creations in this festival:


Chef Dan Craig

EBO Restaurant

Signature Appetizer Dish: Tasting of Dungeness Crab and Butternut Squash

Pink Salmon, Crab Chawanmushi and croquette, Butternut Squash Terrine.

Price: $14

Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre, 4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby

Tel: (604) 453-0788

Web:  http://www.eborestaurant.com/


Chef Siriwan (Grace) Rerksuttisiridach

Simply Thai Restaurant

Signature Dish: Thai Steak

Prime sirloin steak strips on a bed of steamed broccoli topped with Simply Thai’s red curry sauce. Jasmine rice topped with bell peppers, fresh basil and lime leaves complete this plate.

Price: $25

1211 Hamilton St, Vancouver

Tel:(604) 642-0123

Web: http://www.simplythairestaurant.com/


Chef Matt Repeto

The Bibo

Signature Dish: Risotto Mediterraneo

Delicate Risotto with the best B.C. seafood that join the Italian traditional with a taste of the sea.

Price: $24

Offered: Wednesday dinner, Thursday lunch and Thursday dinner

1835 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Tel: 604-568-6177

Web:  http://www.thebibo.com


Chef Brian Fowke

Kitsilano Daily Kitchen

Signature Dish: Brown Butter Broiled Organic Peace Country Beef Marrow ‘Provençal’ with fried green heirloom tomatoes, bourbon onion jam, butter potato gnocchi and chanterelle mushroom cornbread.

Price: Appetizer (without the gnocchi or cornbread): $18 OR Entrée: $32

Special Add-on: A complete bone’s pour of White American Bourbon to finish your meal – $12 (bring a bib)

Offered: Dinner nightly (starting Sept 7)

1809 W 1st Ave, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 569-2741

Web: http://www.kitsdaily.com/


The full list of Chefs and their Dishes creations with details including the participating restaurants are listed here

How people can Vote for their favourite Signature Dish Creations?

Once people have ordered and tried the Signature Dish Creations at the participating restaurants, they can vote on their mobile phones or ipads from their table in the restaurants or later in the day. People can cast their vote once a day, so if they are visiting the other participating restaurants daily or during the festival they can vote for their other favourites as well.

You are invited to try these signature dish creations at the participating restaurants, keeping in mind this criteria – originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly taste.  You are then encouraged to VOTE for their favourite Dish creations at http://vancouverfoodster.com/chefs-dishes-festival/

We will announce the winning Chefs and their Dish Creations on October 1, 2013.

Dragon Feast of the Century Luncheon at the CCFCC 2011

Today the Rainflower Restaurant in Richmond, BC was the site of the Canadian Culinary Federation Culinaire Canadienne Chef’s Conference luncheon, “Dragon Feast of the Century“. We were taken through 5 appetizers a savory seafood dish and a dessert. No wine was served, but maybe I can suggest some wines that could have went with these dishes.

Dragon Feast of the Century Menu

  • Drunken Squab Breast and Arctic Char Nanjing Style
  • Dungeness Crab & Lobster in Jade Purse
  • Braised Fraser Valley Duck Breast, Empress Style
  • Tenderloin Teaser in Filigree Cup
  • Yin Yang Steamed Eggplant
  • Seafood Siu Bang
  • Longevity Date Cake

My favorites of the luncheon were the:

  • Braised Fraser Valley Duck Breast, Empress Style
  • Tenderloin Teaser in Filigree Cup
  • Yin Yang Steamed Eggplant
  • Seafood Siu Bang

The Fraser Valley Duck Breast was served cold on a piece of deep fried tofu.  A mixture of enoki and other mushrooms accompanied the duck breast. The duck breast was very full flavoured and the mushrooms had an earthiness.  I would serve this with a slightly chilled pinot noir.

The Tenderloin Teaser in Filigree Cup consisted of small pieces of tender beef along with chopped bell peppers and slices of asparagus. A very nice dark sauce with a bit of pepperiness on the finish. I would like to have this beef with an Okanagan Valley or WA State Merlot.

The Yin Yang Steamed Eggplant was quite surprising with a burst of flavour on your palate.  The eggplant was sweet and smooth with a dark soy flavour and green onion bright notes. This could be my overall favorite dish of the luncheon. Pair this with a juicy tempranillo.

The Seafood Siu Bang was a mixture of seafood wrapped inside a pastry, topped with sesame seeds and baked. Quite delicate with the light flavours of the seafood and the flakiness of the pastry. An unwooded chardonnay or a sauvignon blanc could work here.

We also had a live demonstration of noodle making by hand.  A master chef from Hong Kong came to this event and demonstrated his noodle making technique.  Here is a video I recorded of the noodle making process.  It is quite interesting. I hope you have a chance to go to one of the CCFCC events. Enjoy.