Art, Eat and Sip on Granville Island on January 20

Junmai sake from Artisan Sake Maker

Junmai sake from Artisan Sake Maker

As part of Dine Out Vancouver, there are also walk-about type events, such as Art, Eat and Sip on Granville Island.  I participated in a similar event a few years ago on Granville Island and it was a lot of fun.  It is an easy walk to all the participating venues.  I really enjoyed the Artisan Sake, made here using rice grown in the Fraser Valley!  There is also beer, distilled spirits, food and chocolates.  Will I see you at the event?  All the participating venues and artists are described below, along with a link to buy your tickets.  I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.


Get set for an extraordinary night of art, eating and drinking on Granville Island. Visit resident artists, local producers of beer and spirits, and taste dishes from several of the island restaurants at some of Granville Island’s finest restaurants, breweries and distilleries.

Following your “passport” as your guide, you will enjoy dishes, bites, sips as well as have a chance to meet the artists, chefs, tour breweries, a distillery and discover more around the island.

Visit each of the participating restaurants and establishments at your leisure by walking, bike or moped.

Time: 6pm – 10pm

Participating restaurants and establishments

include some of the Granville Island’s best including:


artisan sake maker

Artisan Sake Maker

1339 Railspur Alley, Vancouver

Twitter: @ArtisanSake 


Establishment: Sake Winery

Artisan SakeMaker is known as a unique commercial winery that produces award winning, hand-made, small batch and fresh sake. Our brand name “OSAKE” is widely recognized as “Canada’s first locally produced fresh premium sake” and its popularity has reached across the country and beyond.

Handcrafted in our artisan studio located at Railspur Alley on Granville Island, Osake is the first “fresh premium”Junmai Sake [Namazake] of its kind produced in Canada. Fermented from top-quality Japanese sakamai, then hand-pressed and hand-bottled, Osake is left unfiltered to optimize its fresh, delicate, fruit-like aromas and flavours.


dockside restaurant


Dockside Restaurant

1253 Johnston St, Vancouver

Twitter: @eatDockside 


Cuisine: Restaurant and brewery

Located on the shores of False Creek, Dockside Restaurant in the Granville Island Hotel offers a wide range of superbly prepared classic dishes in an award-winning setting like no other.

Combining a menu which emphasises sustainable Ocean Wise seafood with panoramic views of downtown and Yaletown, Dockside Restaurant is an iconic West Coast destination 12 months of the year. Whether guests enjoy the views through floor-to-ceiling windows or on its patio, named “Best in Vancouver” five years in a row, a visit to Dockside Restaurant is always memorable.

Granville Island Brewing 

Granville Island Brewing pulled pork poutine and Lager Hefeweizen and Scottish Ale

Granville Island Brewing pulled pork poutine and Lager Hefeweizen and Scottish Ale

1441 Cartwright Street, Vancouver

Twitter: @granvillebeer


Establishment: Brewery

Our Brew Story

In 1984 something happened that forever changed the local beer industry: Granville Island Brewing opened the doors to Canada’s first microbrewery and our iconic Lager. It wasn’t long before we were adding more new and unique West Coast inspired beers to our lineup.

Over the years, we’ve become more than just a local brewery. We also focus much of our efforts towards ongoing community investment, including sponsorship and charitable support of community organizations and more. We’re just as proud of that as we are about what we put in our bottles.


Liberty Distillery

Truth Vodka from Liberty Distillery

Truth Vodka from Liberty Distillery

1494 Old Bridge St, Vancouver

Twitter: @TLDistillery


Establishment: Distillery

Established in 2010, The Liberty Distillery is a true craft artisan distillery located in the heart of historic Granville Island.  Selecting only the best British Columbia organic grains, The Liberty Distillery carefully ferments, then triple distills in traditional copper pot stills to produce hand crafted spirits with character and distinction.

Traditional, classic, quirky, knowledgeable and fun; TLD’s enthusiastic team invite you to step back in time at their 110-year old Saloon Bar to taste Classic Old Fashioned cocktails, or to enjoy one of their Signature creations.  Uniquely crafted drinks range from the familiar to the astounding, but always show the beauty of their artisanal spirits.



Off The Tracks Espresso Bar & Bistro

1363 Railspur Alley, Vancouver

Twitter: @tracksbistro


Establishment: Cafe and bistro

Off the Tracks is a Granville Island original, providing the best of local talents, whether it is roasting beans to their absolute perfection, crafting a perfect cup of coffee, or creating the most mouth-watering House Salad on the entire island. We want to showcase the best of our local community and what it has to offer.


bon macaron

Bon Macaron

(Located during the event inside New Leaf Editions)


Twitter @BonMacaronVic

Cuisine: Patisserie

After delighting customers in Victoria, Bon Macaron Patisserie decided to take a leap and tackle the Vancouver market with a brand new location in Kitsilano and one in Granville Island Public Market! With over 50 flavours ranging from the traditional to the most creative sweet & savoury, everyone will find something to their taste! All of our macarons are naturally gluten-free and we make a number of dairy-free options as well.







(located inside Granville Island Brewery during event)

Twitter: @Chocolatas1 


Establishment: Chocolatier

More restaurants/establishments may be added


Participating Artists






New Leaf Editions Is a collaborative printmaking studio specializing in traditional and contemporary print media.

New Leaf was established by Peter Braune in 1986 to work with artists seeking new forms of expression. The goal of a collaboration is to offer artists the ability to explore new forms of image making using print media. New Leaf has worked with many locally and internationally acclaimed artists. Services provided by New Leaf include: copper and zinc etching, photo-etching, relief printing, lithography, letterpress, and steel facing. We have also been working with architects and designers to etch images into all kinds of metal. These projects range from commercial to residential, all custom made pieces.

New Leaf invites community participation into the world of printmaking by co-ordinating the BIG PRINT PROJECT (check out our last Big Print Project on youtube) and the Biennial International Mini Print Exhibition (BIMPE). For more information check us out at, or look up New Leaf Editions on facebook.

IMG_0731 bcard








Barbara Arnold, Artist

Studio 206-1656 Duranleau Street

T: 604-760-4465

Dutch artist Barbara Arnold invites you to her working studio and gallery. Her abstract and representational mixed media paintings are an explosion of texture and intense colour generating an organic energy and tension that flow across her wood panels. She also offers private, semi private classes in her art studio and accepts commissions. Visit the studio on the second floor to see her work and have a chat with the artist.  Find out more about Barbara Click here!

Dalbergia Wood + Fine Objects 

1333 Railspur Alley

T: 604.669.9663

Dalbergia represents the work of Federico Méndez-Castro. A confluence of craftsmanship with the graphic elements of pure forms. Fine furniture, sculpted objects and accessories in wood are created with one purpose: enhancing the poetry of space. Balance, simple lines and clear shapes find their ways in Federico’s work. The one of a kind is the standard for this Artisan.

More artists may be added

Purchase the Club Amuse-bouche tickets; in addition to the food and beverages tasting, and visiting the resident artists, you will also receive a Canvas, use of paint supplies and guidance from one of our resident artists as you paint your own masterpiece.


Purchase tickets here 


$65* General Admission
Early Purchase Discount: Save $10 before December 31, 2015
$110 ** CLUB Amuse-bouche

* Tax, gratuities and ticketing fees not included

Registration: Granville Island Hotel -this is where you will show us your tickets and will pick up your Dining Passport Map Cards

Visit each of the participating restaurants at your leisure by bike, moped, car, or walking.

Ticket price includes tasting plates and/or cups at each of the participating restaurants throughout the event.

This event takes place during the Dine Out Festival 2016 presented by Tourism Vancouver.

Enjoy Port and Chocolates with Liberty Wine Merchants

Port and chocolate with Liberty

Liberty Merchant Company proudly presents its 22nd annual Port & Chocolate Tasting. All proceeds from this “Tasting-in-the-Park” event is to benefit the Vancouver Rowing Club’s Amateur Sports Program. To date Liberty has raised $104,428 for this program.
Sweet Ports, decadent chocolates, raffle prizes and excellent company await. Join us on Thursday October 3rd, from 7:30 – 9:30pm at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park.
Tickets are $29.99 and available at all Liberty Wine Merchants locations.

Do You Like Desserts? Tasting Plates Dessert Edition this Sunday

Seasonal cream puff from Beta 5

Seasonal cream puff – Beta 5

I sent out information about the upcoming Tastes Plates earlier, but I did not have the “menu” from each restaurant at that time.  I now have that info, and hopefully it tantalizes your tastebuds.  Sunday should be a sunny day, so why not indulge!  Here is the menu info from Vancouver Foodster. Chocolates, cheesecake, and more.  I could see pairing many of these with a late harvest wine, Sauterne, Pinot Noir, or Gamay.


Tasting Plates Desserts April 14 Menu

Rocanini Coffee Roasters

Our Tasting Cup will include your choice or all of these 3 items:

1. Kenya AA Kaiguri /Tasting profile: Floral, lemon, peach, juicy, complex acidity and sweet

2. Papua New Guinea Korgua Estate/tasting profile: intense floral notes, juicy body  with a sweet tropical fruit   finish.

3. Colombia San Augustin Huila/tasting profile: Rich, sweet, with citrus and chocolate notes, ending with a  savory finish

Bob Likes Thai Food

Our Tasting Plate will include this Thai dessert:


Water chesnuts, Tapioca flour, Jackfruit, Shaded young coconut,

Coconut milk, Syrup, Pomegranate, Crystal Lime candy, and Crushed Ice…

Beta 5 Chocolates

Our Tasting Plate will include a selection of our desserts along with mini cream puffs and samples from our chocolate kitchen.

Trees Organic

Our Tasting Plate will include all of these 3 items:

1)        New York cheesecake

2)        Marzipan cheesecake (April’s feature flavour)

3)        Coffee

The Bibo

Our Tasting Plate will include all of these 3 items:

1. Tiramisù

2. Chocolate Brick

3. Chocolate Pizza

Vancouver Pie Hole

Our Tasting Plate will include your choice of these items or all of these 3 items:

1. Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie

2. Key Lime Pie

3. Maple French Toast Bacon Pie

Bella Gelateria

Our Tasting Bowl will feature a surprise selection of gelato flavours specially offered for this event.

WE Coffee

Our Tasting Cup will include one of the following beverages paired with the cookies.

1. Signature – Espresso or Macchiato

2. Traditional – 8 oz Latte or Cappuccino

* NEW ITEM – 8 oz Mochachino

3. 8 oz Chai Latte with Soy / Almond Milk

4. Paris Tea / decaffeinated Peppermint Tea

*** All drinks will be paired with a freshly baked WE.’s gluten free cookies or a WE’s power cookie

Tantalize your taste buds at several restaurants, cafes and bakeries all over Vancouver! This tasting extravaganza goes from 2pm until 5:30 pm and is presented by Vancouver Foodster.

Each restaurant, cafe and bakery will be serving up Tasting Plates for guests to enjoy and you will have a chance to visit many different types of restaurants throughout the event, meet some new food loving friends, meet the chefs, and learn about each of the participating establishments.

If you haven’t been to our previous Tasting Plates events, Novus TV featured one of our previous events on City Lights (view here).

  • Bring along a friend or two, your significant other, your family or come solo.
  • A food networking event connecting Vancouver’s vibrant food community.

Visit each of the participating restaurants,cafes and bakeries at your leisure by bike, moped, car, transit, walking, roller skates, skateboarding or carpooling.

Purchase tickets via Eventbrite

Registration: Rocanini Coffee Roasters, 127 West 5th Avenue -this is where you will show us your printed or digital tickets and will pick up your Tasting Plates Cards.

Advance Tickets: $35 per person (eventbrite fee extra). $115 for 4 pak of tickets or $150 for 6 pak of tickets (get a group of your friends/family together and save by purchasing a 4 pak or a 6 pak (eventbrite fee extra). Regular Tickets $45 per person (eventbrite fee extra) after April 11.

Artisan Chocolate and Wine Pairings at Festival of Chocolate

Dione and her chocolates

Lucky me.  This past week I was able to attend an Artisan Chocolate and wine pairing event at Ocean Park Village Pub in White Rock, BC. Dione’s Chocolates supplied the hand-made chocolates for this event.  This event was actually the coming out party for Dione’s company, and she made a great impression on everyone in attendance.

Before we tried the chocolates which were infused with various fruits and spices, we tried the basic chocolate types.  The white chocolate was buttery, creamy, and caramel flavoured.  I don’t normally like white chocolate as the ones I’ve tried are usually very sweet.  This one was not. Just right and melted on your tongue. The milk chocolate (34% cocoa) was smooth, with caramel, chocolate and a hint of bitterness. While the dark chocolate (60% cocoa) was much drier, with grittiness and earthy flavours.  To start we had something called a cocoa nib, which is the base from which chocolates are made.  They look like clumps of dark sugar crystals. Normally they would not have any sweetness but the ones we tried had a tiny bit added. Dark, smoky flavours and some fibre to them.

The Wine and Chocolate Pairings

  • Wine and chocolate pairings

    Jackson Triggs Merlot with a Crescent Park truffle

  • Inniskillin Pinot Noir with a spicy chipotle ganache in a dark chocolate shell
  • Lindeman’s Bin 50 Shiraz with a hand-rolled lemon coconut truffle
  • Beringer Founders Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 with a seasonal pumpkin spice ganache

We started the evening with the Jackson Triggs Merlot (BC) and Crescent Park truffle. The truffle has a creamy caramel center, wrapped in dark chocolate and sprinkled lightly with coarse sea salt.  A really tasty truffle and went nicely with the fruity merlot. Both were soft and creamy together.  The salt also added another level of complexity.  The Jackson Triggs Merlot had nice vanilla, ripe plums and cherry flavours, medium body and soft tannins. <I do think that merlot goes really well with dark chocolates overall.>

Inniskillin Pinot Noir (BC) with the spicy chipotle ganache was next. Typically you would not think a lighter bodied wine like pinot noir can stand up to the spicy heat of a chipotle smoked chile, but it worked in this pairing. The chocolate was sweet and dark with smoky spicy flavour. Dry with a bit of grittiness.  The Pinot Noir had sweet strawberries, raspberries and violet aromas.  Light body, high acid and violet flavour.  I think the spiciness of the chocolate was balanced nicely with the floweriness of the Pinot Noir.  Maybe the high acidity in the wine also helped?

Lindeman’s Bin 50 Shiraz (Australia) with a hand-rolled lemon coconut truffle was our 3rd pairing. The lemony flavour and toasty coconut were quite interesting with the shiraz. The Shiraz was full of blackberries and juicy black fruits, and had a whiff of milk chocolate on the nose.  Full body with more blackberry, plum and black cherry flavours.  Some spiciness and vanilla.  The lemon of the truffle cut through the lushness of the wine giving it an interesting complementary contrast. I also tried this wine with the chipotle ganache and it enhanced the heat of this chocolate.  I think the spiciness of both the wine and the chocolate were additive.

Pumpkin spice ganache chocolates

Our last wine and chocolate pairing was a Beringer Founders Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 (California) with a seasonal pumpkin spice ganache. This chocolate smelled very nice, with the nutmeg and pumpkin aromas.  It was nice and smooth as it melted in your mouth. The Beringer Cabernet was a big wine.  Ripe cassis, oak and vanilla aromas.  Minerality, high acidity and spicy notes on the palate.  Lots of fruit up front and medium tannins. I think you need a big wine to compete with the big flavours of the pumpkin and nutmeg.  I also tried this chocolate with the Shiraz and it was also a good pairing.

If you are in White Rock you may want to visit the Ocean Park Village Pub (weblink).  It was very busy when I was there.

If you want to buy some artisan hand-made chocolates, here is Dione’s Chocolates website. You can also taste her chocolates on Friday, Nov 4 at Wellbrook Winery in Delta, with another wine and chocolate pairing. Enjoy!