Do You Like Desserts? Tasting Plates Dessert Edition this Sunday

Seasonal cream puff from Beta 5

Seasonal cream puff – Beta 5

I sent out information about the upcoming Tastes Plates earlier, but I did not have the “menu” from each restaurant at that time.  I now have that info, and hopefully it tantalizes your tastebuds.  Sunday should be a sunny day, so why not indulge!  Here is the menu info from Vancouver Foodster. Chocolates, cheesecake, and more.  I could see pairing many of these with a late harvest wine, Sauterne, Pinot Noir, or Gamay.


Tasting Plates Desserts April 14 Menu

Rocanini Coffee Roasters

Our Tasting Cup will include your choice or all of these 3 items:

1. Kenya AA Kaiguri /Tasting profile: Floral, lemon, peach, juicy, complex acidity and sweet

2. Papua New Guinea Korgua Estate/tasting profile: intense floral notes, juicy body  with a sweet tropical fruit   finish.

3. Colombia San Augustin Huila/tasting profile: Rich, sweet, with citrus and chocolate notes, ending with a  savory finish

Bob Likes Thai Food

Our Tasting Plate will include this Thai dessert:


Water chesnuts, Tapioca flour, Jackfruit, Shaded young coconut,

Coconut milk, Syrup, Pomegranate, Crystal Lime candy, and Crushed Ice…

Beta 5 Chocolates

Our Tasting Plate will include a selection of our desserts along with mini cream puffs and samples from our chocolate kitchen.

Trees Organic

Our Tasting Plate will include all of these 3 items:

1)        New York cheesecake

2)        Marzipan cheesecake (April’s feature flavour)

3)        Coffee

The Bibo

Our Tasting Plate will include all of these 3 items:

1. Tiramisù

2. Chocolate Brick

3. Chocolate Pizza

Vancouver Pie Hole

Our Tasting Plate will include your choice of these items or all of these 3 items:

1. Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie

2. Key Lime Pie

3. Maple French Toast Bacon Pie

Bella Gelateria

Our Tasting Bowl will feature a surprise selection of gelato flavours specially offered for this event.

WE Coffee

Our Tasting Cup will include one of the following beverages paired with the cookies.

1. Signature – Espresso or Macchiato

2. Traditional – 8 oz Latte or Cappuccino

* NEW ITEM – 8 oz Mochachino

3. 8 oz Chai Latte with Soy / Almond Milk

4. Paris Tea / decaffeinated Peppermint Tea

*** All drinks will be paired with a freshly baked WE.’s gluten free cookies or a WE’s power cookie

Tantalize your taste buds at several restaurants, cafes and bakeries all over Vancouver! This tasting extravaganza goes from 2pm until 5:30 pm and is presented by Vancouver Foodster.

Each restaurant, cafe and bakery will be serving up Tasting Plates for guests to enjoy and you will have a chance to visit many different types of restaurants throughout the event, meet some new food loving friends, meet the chefs, and learn about each of the participating establishments.

If you haven’t been to our previous Tasting Plates events, Novus TV featured one of our previous events on City Lights (view here).

  • Bring along a friend or two, your significant other, your family or come solo.
  • A food networking event connecting Vancouver’s vibrant food community.

Visit each of the participating restaurants,cafes and bakeries at your leisure by bike, moped, car, transit, walking, roller skates, skateboarding or carpooling.

Purchase tickets via Eventbrite

Registration: Rocanini Coffee Roasters, 127 West 5th Avenue -this is where you will show us your printed or digital tickets and will pick up your Tasting Plates Cards.

Advance Tickets: $35 per person (eventbrite fee extra). $115 for 4 pak of tickets or $150 for 6 pak of tickets (get a group of your friends/family together and save by purchasing a 4 pak or a 6 pak (eventbrite fee extra). Regular Tickets $45 per person (eventbrite fee extra) after April 11.

Want to try Charcuterie and Wines at Bistro Pastis?

Do you like Charcuterie? In case you are not familiar with this word, Wikipedia defines it as “…the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork“. Charcuterie is found in France, particularly in the Alsace region.  Some of my most memorable dinners in France have been in Alsace, sipping a nice white Alsatian wine with mixed charcuterie and vegetables (cabbage quite common).

You can live the Alsatian meal dream, like me, through Bistro Pastis here in Vancouver.  Here is a new meal menu from them that makes me hungry!  To the menu below, you may want to consider pairing these wines from Bistro Pastis’ wine list:

  • Chamdeville Brut Blanc de Blancs (sparkling)
  • Gentil Hugel 2007 (white)
  • Gewurztraminer Steiner Grand Cru Pfaffenheim 2004 (white)
  • Vouvray, Chenin Blanc, Chateau Gaudrelle 2007 (white)
  • Pinot Noir Latour 2007 (red)
  • Pinot Noir Blue Mountain Reserve 2006 (red)
  • Château Pesquié Quintessence 2006 (red)

Bonne appetit!


Fall Flavour Fete

Bistro Pastis

From November 1 through 13th, please join us for the last menu in our Fall Flavour Fete series – this one features Charcuterie. The word ‘charcuterie’ originates from the French term ‘cuiseur de chair’ or ‘cooker of meat.’ In France, it has been considered a high culinary art for more than 600 years and involves meat products that have been preserved in some way – by curing, brining, drying, smoking, in a terrine etc. For the next two weeks, come by and savour these rich fall flavours in Chef Tobias Grignon’s interpretations of duck prosciutto, boudin blanc, rillettes, blood sausage, terrine and even bacon ice cream.

Reservations are always a good idea 604-731-5020 or on-line at

Charcuterie Menu

Smoked Duck Salad, House Made Duck Prosciutto, Poached Pear, Hazelnut Vinaigrette

– or –

Wild Boar Tourtière, Parsnip Purée, Pickled Chanterelles, Grainy Mustard Vinaigrette

– or –

Rillette Trio, Duck, Pork and Rabbit


Choucroute Garnie, Smoked Pork Loin, Bacon, Hock and Sausage, Sauerkraut

– or –

Chicken Leg Stuffed with Blood Sausage, Pomme Purée, Celeriac and Apple Remoulade, Sage Jus

– or –

Scallop and Prawn Boudin Blanc, Smoked Bacon Chowder, Fine Herbs Salad


Brioche French Toast, Caramalized Apple and Thyme Strusel Maple Bacon Ice Cream

– or –

Dark Chocolate Terrine, Quince Compote, Candied Bacon


Bistro Pastis
2153 W 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6K 1N7 | Tel: (604) 731.5020 | Fax: (604) 731.5039