Vancouver TheatreSports Western World – Laugh Without Limits

Vancouver TheatreSports Western World Cast

Vancouver TheatreSports Western World Cast

Vancouver TheatreSports’™ improvisers will demonstrate their lightning fast wit as they play the ‘Hosts’ to our audience ‘Guests’ in Western World – an improvised parody inspired by the popular TV series Westworld. Opens April 6 and runs through to May 13, 2017

Each night features a totally new ‘episode’ under the watchful eye and guiding mind of Robert (sometimes Roberta) Ford. Guests begin their Western World adventure with an orientation. “Who are these hosts? What roles do they play?” are just some of the many questions that only VTSL’s esteemed Guests can answer. Throughout the show Guests help craft the storyline that becomes the basis for the second half of the show. In this artificial world of improvised comedy anything can, and will, happen.

If things get too out of hand, Ford can always step in with “Stop all motor functions” and hit the reset button. Even if you have never seen Westworld, VTSL’s Western World will be filled with enough western movie clichés and quick-thinking action to ensure an evening of ‘laughs without limits.’

Mosey up to the Neil Macrae Bar and Lounge and treat yourself to our limited-edition Western World themed cocktails specially designed by our Bar Manager Paul Belsito Interested in our bar menu? Click here to view.

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