Vancouver Foodster’s 3rd Annual Poutine Challenge is on!

How are your arteries?  Hopefully you have been exercising and taking vitamins so they are all clear because Vancouver Foodster’s 3rd Annual Poutine Challenge is underway.  And it is up to you to taste and vote for your favourite poutine.  Here is the announcement.  Although I love wine, I suggest having a beer with these culinary creations.  Try a lager or a Scotch ale.


Vancouver, BC –After a successful couple of challenges in the past two years, here is our 3rd Poutine Challenge featuring 12 restaurants in Vancouver and Richmond that runs from Feb 7-28th.

Participating restaurants are showcasing Poutine’s that were specially created just for this challenge and all will be offered in all of these restaurants from February 7 – February 28 and everyone will find a multi-cultural spin at play this year. The public is invited to visit any of the participating restaurants and order the poutine dishes and then decide on which ones they think are worthy of winning the challenge.

These are just some of the unique Poutine’s in this challenge

Chef Culin David of Calabash Bistro has created a Jamaican version Pepperpot Poutine with Jerk Pork Belly

Chef Meeru Dhalwala of Vij’s Rangoli has created an Indian version Paneer Poutine with Spicy Pulled Pork

Chef Segar Kulasegarampillai of Locus Restaurant has created the Locus Wild Boar, Foie Gras and Crackling Poutine

Buckstop Double Smoked Poutine

Chef Henry Besser Rosenberg of Buckstop has created the Buckstop Double Smoked Poutine

The full list of participating restaurants can be found here

Starting today at 11am everyone will have the opportunity to view the line-up of restaurants and their poutine creations at

Voting: The public is invited to order these poutines at the participating restaurants keeping in mind this criteria – originality, creativity, uniqueness, traditional, non-traditional, price, value and most importantly taste. People can vote the same day after trying your poutine creation and they can vote once a day throughout the promotion. People will be encouraged to Vote for their favourite Poutine creations from February 7 -28, 2014  With a smartphone, customers will be able to vote from their table in the restaurant right after they have eaten the poutine creation.

We will announce the winning restaurants and their poutine dishes on March 3, 2014.