Culmina Winery – Membership Has It’s Privileges

Culmina winery logoIf you are a member of the Culmina Winery club, you have access to privileges not available to the public.  Below is one such TIME LIMITED privilege.  If it’s tempting, join the club!


We are very excited to release a limited number of Speciality format 2011 Hypothesis in 1.5, 3, & 6L sizes, available on a first-come, first-served basis – just in time for the Holidays!

All of our Speciality formats are packaged in custom wood pine boxes, with the 3 & 6L boxes additionally being uniquely finished, numbered, and signed by Vancouver-based artist and joiner, Chelsea Mackay, using the Japanese Udukuri wood-finishing technique for a highly collectible, one-of-a-kind addition to any oenophile’s cellar!  Each 6L bottle will also be individually autographed by Don, Elaine, and of course, Pascal.  For a sneak peak at Chelsea’s work, have a look at a few photos posted to our Facebook page

Pricing on the Speciality formats is as follows:

  • 1.5L –> $128 + $16 shipping (within BC, max 2 per order)
  • 3L –> $288 + $19 shipping (within BC, max 1 per order)
  • 6L –> $488 + $26 shipping (within BC, max 1 per order)

For all those who purchase any one or more of the above, we would also love to offer you an additional allocation of 2011 Hypothesis and 2011 Dilemma, as follows:

  • Holiday mixed 6-pack, 4 Hypothesis & 2 Dilemma –> $244.60 + $25 shipping (with purchase of one or more of 1.5, 3, &6L formats, max 2 per order)

Because these items are limited, orders must be placed no later than Monday, December 16th in order to arrive in time for the Holiday week.  Please make order requests as follows: