Upcoming Events – Tasting Plates, Food Talks and More

These events are all put on by Vancouver Foodster, who seems to have an endless amount of energy.  Enjoy!


September 18 – Tasting Plates in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood with 7+ restaurants, bakeries, cafes and food trucks. Announcing 3 of the participating restaurants, we haveChicha Restaurant, Baylor’s Groceteria, Bonchaz Bakery Cafe with more to be announced soon. Tickets on sale now at http://tastingplatesyvr.com/tasting-plates-mount-pleasant-september-18/

September 24– Food Talks Vol 9 at Lost + Found Cafe in Gastown. Tickets on sale today at https://foodtalksvolume9.eventbrite.com/
with 5 speakers, Q & A, appetizers, desserts, coffees & draw prizes. Announcing 2 of the participating speakers, we have Chef Andrea Carlson (owner of Burdock & Co and Harvest Community Foods), Felix Schellenberg (Owner of Chilcotin Harvest and Pasture to Plate) with more to be announced soon.

October 6 – Tasting Plates W 4th in the Kitsilano neighborhood with 8+ restaurants, bakeries, and cafes.  Announcing 2 of the participating restaurants, we have The August Jack and O5 Tea Bar with more to be announced soon. Tickets on sale now at


Vancouver Barista Beverage Challenge is on now and running through September 25. You are invited to try any of the 8 participating Baristas beverage creations at 5 cafes in Vancouver and Surrey and Vote. You can then VOTE for your favourite Barista Beverage Creations (you can vote once per day through out the promotion, voting ends on September 25, 2013).. Details here http://vancouverfoodster.com/2013/08/28/vancouver-barista-signature-beverage-challenge/ and then VOTE http://bit.ly/15xjnE4 

Vancouver Chefs Dishes Festival runs September 6-30 with 15 Chefs participating from 15 restaurants in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and Langley. Customers will vote on their favourite Chefs dishes through-out the challenge.- details here http://vancouverfoodster.com/chefs-dishes-festival/