martins marvelous naturals #GF salami and cookies

I mentioned in my previous post on martin’s marvelous naturals crisps paired with wine that I would be covering other samples that I received. In this case it is their Fig Salami with apricots and chocolate and their Chocolate Chip Cookies. Luckily I inherited a chocolate chip cookie gene from my grandmother!

martins marvelous naturals fig salami and chocolate chip cookies

martins marvelous naturals fig salami and chocolate chip cookies

The Fig Salami

The salami is wrapped in a wax covering.  It was recommended to chill the salami in the fridge before slicing, which I did. A slice into the salami reveals a lot of texture.  You can seed the various seeds, plus chunks of organic, free trade chocolate chips.  The salami also has a wonderful smell of both figs and chocolate.

Peeling off the wax covering and taking my first bite, I got the crunch from the tiny fig seeds, plus the flavour of the fig, and the sunflower seeds.  The second bite had a chocolate chip in.  It is dark chocolate, with the characteristic bitterness of dark chocolate and no sweetness.  This salami is fun to eat.  I’d recommend having it as a dessert with guests after dinner.  Maybe pair a Late Harvest Riesling from Mission Hill or some other favourite BC winery.  Even some Tawny port may be a nice pairing too. My slice was about 1cm thick.  I think that is probably a good size.  I am not sure how it will affect your digestion if you eat too much at once (a veiled hint).

Thinking out loud, you may want to try to make a gluten free cookie with a slice of this in the centre, and two cookies on either side (like an Oreo type cookie arrangement).

Two chocolate chip cookies and a slice of salami

Two gluten free chocolate chip cookies and a slice of fig salami

The Chocolate Chip Cookies

Looking at these cookies, I cannot tell they are gluten free.  They smell nice and chocolately, plus some toastiness from the cookie.  It is not crumbly.  Holds together well.  The dark chocolate flavour is nice.  The flour part of the cookie has no sour or other odd taste that I sometimes get from other gluten free baked products, and the cookie is not too sweet (8g of sugar / cookie). The ingredients are straight forward: fair trade organic chocolate chips, pure oat flour, butter, fair trade organic sugar, buttermilk, baking soda, and sea salt.  Excellent.  I really am going to enjoy these cookies with my morning coffee (organic) and I hope you will too.

martin’s marvelous natural website for more info.