Festival of Lights at VanDusen Botanical Gardens Sparkle

December 7, 2012 was the opening night for the Festival of Lights at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver.  I had never been to the Festival of Lights but heard of it many times.  I am glad I attended this year, and may go again.  At the Festival of Lights there are lights choreographed to music on the hour and half hour.  There are also themed light areas within the Gardens, such as Gingerbread Wood.  If your fingers, toes, and nose gets cold, there are concessions where you can get a hot chocolate or hot spiced apple cider.  I did have the cider and it was nice to hold that warm drink in my hands as I watched one of the light shows.

The Festival of Lights has another purpose, other than to entertain you.  It is also to support the Make A Wish Foundation.  You can light a candle and buy a star shaped necklace that lights up, with proceeds to the Make A Wish Foundation.  I did both.  Following are pictures I took of the Festival of Lights, followed by my youtube video showing some of the choreographed lights.  If you have a chance please go to the Festival of Lights.  It is a lot of fun.

vandusen lights mushrooms 2012

VanDusen lights mushrooms 2012

vandusen lights  2012

VanDusen lights 2012

vandusen lights by the water  2012

VanDusen lights by the water 2012

vandusen lights gingerbread house  2012

VanDusen lights gingerbread house 2012

vandusen lights Christmas tree  2012

VanDusen lights Christmas tree 2012

vandusen lights with water reflections  2012

VanDusen lights with water reflections 2012


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  1. Love the photos Karl. FYI – Festival of Lights is one of the main fundraisers for VanDusen Botanical Garden, a registered non-profit charity. It is the Garden’s event, not Make-A-Wish’s. About 10 years ago, the Garden invited the Make-A-Wish Foundation to join us and operate the Candle Grotto as their own fundraiser within the Garden’s fundraiser. The stars were new as of last year and have been quite a hit with people. Delighted you came and enjoyed the event.

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