Interesting Speakers from Vancouver Food Talks Vol 5

Our speakers at Vancouver Food Talks Vol 5

Our speakers at Vancouver Food Talks Vol 5

Volume 5 of the Vancouver Food Talks was on December 5, 2012.  These talks always have interesting speakers, and Vol 5 was no exception.  We had:

  • John Bishop, Chef, Author & Owner of Bishops Restaurant
  • Daniel Frankel, President – Daniel Group. Owns the Prospect Point Café & Gift Shop, Stanley Park Pavilion, Stanley’s Park Bar & Grill and more
  • Kalpna Solanki, Founder of Martin’s Marvelous Naturals, a line of high-end gourmet Crisps and Granola
  • Hamid Attie, Photographer – Hamid Attie Photography, specializing in the food and restaurant industry
  • Isabelle Ranger, Founder –Namasthe Tea Co.
Karl with John Bishop

Karl with John Bishop

You always learn something new at these talks.  And sometimes the mingling before the talks is just as rewarding.  For this event I had the great pleasure to talk with John Bishop for at least 30 minutes.  We talked alot about wine, in particular aged wines and ports.  John was very generous with his time and is a real easy person to talk to.  I cannot wait to have some time to go over to Bishop’s Restaurant, enjoy a meal and sip some glasses of port!

Each of the speakers told us about how they reached their goals in the food industry.  Some were more planned and others were from the advice of others.  The speakers had varied backgrounds and raised in countries around the world, but they are glad to be here in Vancouver, BC doing what they love.  The love of local and seasonal ingredients was also a big point of discussion.  And for the 2nd time, the topic of gluten free products was discussed.  In Food Talks Vol 4, it was a question from the audience, but in this session we had Kalpna Solanki who acutally produces gluten free products to tell us of her journey.  I think the demand for gluten free products will continue to grow, and that restaurants should try to offer more gluten free options.  It is not just for the benefit of celiacs; there are many people that have some level of allergy to modern wheat and/or gluten.

Unfortunately I did not get a front row seat, so my pictures and videos are limited.  I was able to record Kalpna’s talk and I present it below for your enjoyment.

Thank you to Richard Wolak aka @vanfoodster on Twitter for creating the Food Talks series.  Vol 6 is coming up on Feb. 12, 2013.  Here is the link to tickets.


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