More Offally Good Food Menu at Bistro Pastis

Stuffed pigs trotter round on bed of lentils

Stuffed pigs trotter round

Do you eat offal? Tongue, liver, tripe, etc?  If you do, you know how good it can be, when prepared by skilled culinary hands, such as the Chefs at Bistro Pastis in Kitsilano.  If not, here is your excuse to jump in with both feet and enjoy.  Enjoy!


Autumn is a wonderful time of year in France; les marchés overflow with stunning produce, there’s a crispness to the air and a golden hue to the light. It’s time for heartier fare to chase away the chill. Our third autumn menu, which runs from November 6th – 18th, includes Chef Tobias Grignon’s variations of an ‘offal’ theme. At only $42 for three courses, it is ‘offally’ good.

Reservations a good idea: On-line: or call us at 604-731-5020.

Fall Offal Menu

November 6th – 18th

l'Orangerie rose

l’Orangerie rose

House Smoked Veal Tongue Carpaccio
Tuna Aoli, and Crispy Garlic

– or –

Warm Duck Liver Tartine, Red Grapes
Cognac, Porcini Cream, Toasted Brioche

– or –

Sautéed Calves Brains
Cauliflower Purée, Câper Butter

Pair an appetizer with a glass of the Rosé l’Orangeraie. (MWP recommendation)

Râgout of Tripes House Made Papardelle
Tomato, Saffron and Garlic

– or –

Braised Pigs Trotters Stuffed With Apple and Boudin Noir Pomme Purée
Port Wine Jus

– or –

Grilled Venison Liver
Butternut Squash Purée, Chestnut Croquette Brussels Sprout Leaves, Prune jus

Pair the main course with a glass of the Crozes Hermitages Ogier or maybe the Zinfandel Ravenswood.(MWP recommendation)

“Sweet breads” with Blood Caramel
Coffee Ice Cream

– or –

Warm Chocolate Cake
Maple Ice cream, Candied Pig’s Ear

I couldn’t find any dessert wines listed, but you may want to check their list for a Late Harvest wine from BC, or a Sauternes.(MWP recommendation)
$42.00 / Person

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