Vancouver Food Talks Vol 4 – From Chips to Chocolate to Wine

Vancouver Urban Winery wines on tap

Vancouver Urban Winery wines on tap

Thank you to Richard Wolak, aka vanfoodster on Twitter, for putting together these series of talks by people in the hospitality industry.  I attended the first Food Talk, and now had the scheduling opportunity to attend the fourth talk.  This event was held at Vancouver Urban Winery, a new concept for a winery here in BC and Canada.  They will help wine makers produce their wine, as you can see by the stainless steel tanks inside the building, but what makes them different is how they are bottling and offering glasses of wine for you to sample.  Instead of putting wine in glass bottles, they are offering to put wines in metal casks/cylinders, which keeps the wine fresh, and allows restaurants and bars to offer more wines by the glass to their customers.  That is wonderful, considering the penalties involved with drinking and driving.  So no more having to drink a whole bottle, but in return you get a much greater range of wines you can potentially try at a restaurant or bar.  Go to Tap & Barrel in the Athletes village for a bar that offers wine on tap through Vancouver Urban Winery, or go to Vancouver Urban Winery on Monday – Friday. Here are their tasting times and prices.  Thanks to Leanne Frose from Okanagan Crush Pad for offering each of us a glass of one of their wines to sample before the talks started this evening.

Our Speakers

Richard Wolak introduces the speakers

Richard Wolak introduces the speakers

The speakers at this evening’s event were:

  • Emad Yacoub and Shannon Bosa-Yacoub, Proprietors – Glowbal Group Restaurants
  • Steve Thorp and Mike Macquisten, co-founders of the Vancouver Urban Winery
  • Greg Hook, owner of Chocolate Arts
  • Lesley Stowe, chef, cookbook author, and creator of Raincoast Crisps
  • Pete Schouten, Co-Owner of Hardbite Potato Chips and
    Braden Douglas, Co-Owner of Hardbite Potato Chips

All these speakers talked in one way or another about your need to have passion for whatever you do as the work is going to be hard, and there will be unexpected problems.  Passion is a virtue. The other component I saw threading through the talks is that the seemingly sudden success that we see is really a series of many smaller steps over 10-20 years in some cases.  It was interesting to hear this from the different speakers, and to hear some of the speakers, like Steve and Mike, who are just getting their feet wet with Vancouver Urban Winery, with their thoughts and passion, and the tempered wisdom of others like couple Emad and Shannon, Greg and Lesley.    I have created some youtube videos from some of the speakers for you to access below. I believe videos of all the speakers will also be available at the Food Talks website.  Enjoy my videos and pictures of the event!

My Videos and Photos

Vancouver Food Talks vol 4 speakers

Vancouver Food Talks vol 4 speakers
TOP: Pete, Braden, Emad, Steve, Mike, Greg
BOTTOM: Shannon, Lesley

Lesley Stowe, Creator of Raincoast Crisps.

Greg Hook, Chocolatier, Chocolate Arts

Steve Thorp and Mike Macquisten of Vancouver Urban Winery



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