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Le Parisien LogoFor those of you who have been to Vancouver’s West End and tried the food of Le Parisien, you know how good it is. For the rest of you, there is added incentive to visit Le Parisien during the fall as they refine their menu and add in some special Petits Plats (think tapas), to go with a glass of wine, as the rain beats a steady cadence outside.  Here is the latest announcement about the refined Fall menu from Le Parisien! J’aime beaucoup!


john blakely

John Blakely

“We’ve been open six months now and it was time to refine the menu” says owner John Blakeley of the changes he and Executive Chef Tobias Grignon are introducing to Le Parisien’s menu. ‘Refine’ might not be exactly the right word, as for Fall Le Parisien will feature more rustic dishes in addition to what Mr. Blakeley refers to as ‘nasty bits’ as daily specials.

The regular menu retains dishes that have become iconic favourites since the restaurant opened – French Onion Fondue, Steak Tartare, Roast Chicken for Two, Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Parfait.

New on the menu are Petits Plats – small plates that can be quickly ordered to accompany a glass of wine or cocktail as you peruse the rest of the menu. Priced at a very reasonable $3.50, diners will be hard pressed to choose between Pork Rillettes (Dijon Mustard), Baked Mussels (tomato and garlic), Oyster Rockefeller (bacon and Pernod), Crispy Calamari (saffron mayonnaise), Smoked Herring (warm potato salad) and Squash Croquette (goat cheese and apple chutney). Of course, you don’t have to choose, you could make an entire meal out of ordering several Petits Plats.

Fall weather demands heartier fare and Le Parisien’s regular Fall menu also includes such French comfort dishes as Choucroute Garnie, Boeuf Bourguignon and Crispy Braised Pigs Trotters.  “We wanted to add a rustic element to the menu,” says Mr. Blakeley. “These are types of dishes you’ll find in any bistro in France at this time of year. They are part of the harvest tradition, where every part of the animal is used, or preserved in some way for use in the winter. As Vancouver diners are now more open to trying offal, we’ve added some dishes as specials to see how well they are accepted. If people like them, then we’ll keep them on the menu.”  Nasty Bits Specials will be rotated over two week periods and appear in all menu categories – from Petits Plats to Plats Principaux.

Chef Tobias has worked his culinary magic to create tasty and satisfying dishes including: Duck Heart Tourtiere, Tripes à la Provençale, Smoked Beef Tongue, Slow Braised Pigs Tail, Popcorn Chicken Livers and House-made Andouillette Sausage to name a few. After trying Le Parisien’s new Fall menu, your taste buds will be singing ‘I love Paris in the fall.’ After all Le Parisien is Vancouver’s own little corner of the Left Bank in the West End.

751 Denman Street, Vancouver BC V6G 2L6 /  604-687-1418


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