Quick Review – The Original House Wine 2009 by Charles Smith

The Original House Wine 2009, WA

On a recent trip to WA state, I picked up a bottle of The Original House Wine, 2009, WA by Charles Smith.  His full bodied wines are easy to notice with their bold labels.  Other wines that Charles Smith makes are:

  • Royal City Syrah
  • Kung Fu Girl Riesling
  • The Velvet Devil Merlot
  • Boom Boom Syrah

and many more. I chose The Original House Wine as the restaurant I was enjoying dinner had it as their house wine, so I thought I’d try it out.

My Wine Review of The Original House Wine, 2009, WA

This wine is a Bordeaux blend, consisting of primarily Cabernet Sauvignon, and lesser amounts of Merlot, Malbec, Syrah (almost all Bordeaux grapes), and Petit Verdot. This wine is medium plus garnet in colour, with a hint of ruby.  Lots of cassis, raspberries, and dark fruit aromas, together with some smokiness and dark chocolate aromas.  Dry, medium body with soft tannins and medium acidity.  Red and black cherries, cassis, raspberries and some leafiness on the palate.  Short length but has long lingering acidity on your tongue.  Not a bad wine.  Maybe have with some pizza.  DAY 2 Update: After 24 hrs of opening the bottle, it now has a violet / flowery aroma and flavour.

Here is a link to Charles Smith website. Enjoy.