Dine Out Vancouver – A Visit to Cobre

Grilled BC bison striploin

Restaurant #2 on my list for Dine Out Vancouver is Cobre Restaurant in Gastown. It is described as Nuevo Latin Fusion of Mexican, Cuban, Brazilian and Argentinian flavours. With my group of friends, we tried most of the dishes on the Dine Out menu.

My selection was:

  • Taqueria – Pulled duck and cracklin’ y charred scallion, roasted garlic
  • Char grilled BC bison striploin with wild mushroom y valdeon empanita, mole demi
  • Tres Leche Cake Orange and olive oil pound cake, Bourbon vanilla and sweet cream

My wine pairing between myself and friends was Stoneboat Chorus 2009, which is a blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Viognier, Muller Thurgau, Kerner, Schoenburger.  Tropical fruit, citrus and high acidity.  Not the best pairing with my dishes, but still an overall nice wine.

Pulled duck taqueria

My favourite of my 3 dishes was the pulled duck appetizer.  Served on a small tortilla shell.  Lots of flavour from this dish.  The duck was succulent and garlic added nice flavour to the duck.  Add a bit of Mexican hot sauce to this dish for an added kick.

The main course, the BC bison striploin, was a bit gristly. Hopefully this was just something I came across and it was not something you encounter.  Topped with this was a empanita, which looked like a tiny tortellini. It had blue cheese inside. To me blue cheese and beefy meat goes together well.

Tres leche cake

The tres leche cake was topped with a lemon ice cream.  The cake was very rich and sweet, and there was also a bit of saltiness with the crunchy topping.

I also tried the Taqueria – Battered Baja rockfish, jicama slaw y chipotle aioli appetizer and the Wild Mexican Sea prawns Pipian verde, butter browned corn arepas.  Both were excellent.  The sea prawns are a bit spicy, so avoid dipping them in the Pipian verde sauce.  They are very juicy on their own.