Have You Tasted Spicebox Canadian Whiskey?

Spicebox whiskey and Fentiman sodas

This week I was invited to a tasting of Spicebox Canadian whiskey. The whiskey is first made in Alberta then brought to Quebec for further blending and finishing before being bottled. Truly made in Canada.

Why the name “Spicebox”?

In Prohibition days in the United States, Canadian alcohol, such as whiskey was smuggled down south.  The whiskey was hidden inside boxes containing spices; and viola, Spicebox whiskey the name was born.

This evening I first tried the Spicebox whiskey on ice so that I could appreciate the flavours before moving on to the mixed drinks that they were offering.

Spicebox Tasting Notes

Light amber in colour with quite an aromatic nose.  Vanilla on first sniff, followed with sweet spices. Flavours of vanilla, caramel, sweet spices and toffee. Smooth. A bit of sweetness. Nice on the rocks to sip.  This is different than other more traditional whiskeys you may have tried, such as Scotch. This is completely different in style.  If you have friends that do not like the stronger, bitter, hotter flavours of scotch, then you may want to try Spicebox with them.

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages

What to mix with this Prohibition influenced whiskey than some old style soda pop.  Fentimans brought three different sodas for the mixed drinks:

  • Victorian lemonade
  • Ginger beer
  • Dandelion & burdock

These are Botanically Brewed Beverages from the UK made starting in 1905, and now in Canada. Here is the link to the Fentimans website.

Two Spicebox Whiskey Mixed Drinks

Prohibition mule Spicebox drink

Prohibition Mule – Ingredients: Spicebox Canadian spiced whiskey, fresh lime, Fentimans Ginger beer, mint sprig. Ginger beer is quite spicy. Plays off nicely with smooth vanilla and sweet spices of the whiskey. The sourness of the lime freshens up the flavours and adds another layer of complexity to the drink. Fun to drink.

Spicebox Cup – Ingredients: Spicebox Canadian spiced whiskey, strawberries, Fentiman’s Victorian lemonade & Ginger beer. This drink has a very pretty colour due to the crushed strawberries in the glass.  The lemonade is not overpowering in the drink.  And again the vanilla and sweet spices make this a very flavourful drink.

To find out more about Spicebox, here is Spicebox’s Facebook page.


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