My Best French Meal, Sans Rival!

Le Petit Acacia Restaurant

I thought that my Loire Valley meals were the best that I have ever had in France, but I was wrong. My last day here in Paris, I went for dinner to Le Petit Acacia on 58, rue de Acacias. The owners are from Aveyron, in Southern France, which I have read has very good food. So lucky for me!

What did I order? Coq au vin d’Auvergne. Coq au vin of course originally from Burgundy, but the chef put a Auvergne style to it. The Coq au vin arrived in an enameled serving dish straight from the oven. Chicken so tender, dark coloured from the red wine it was slowly cooked in.  Potatoes, onions and I believe some chopped mushrooms as well.  The chicken was extremely tender and full of flavour.  It went well with the chewy baguette that I dipped in the sauce.  And also paired nicely with my glass of Bordeaux red wine that I had ordered with it.  I cannot say which Chateau this wine was from as the wine was poured to my glass and the bottle taken away.

Coq au vin served with a glass of Bordeaux wine

The wine was from the 2006 vintage.  Deep garnet coloured. Low tannins and full of red cherry fruit flavour.   Although it appeared to be a small dish when it arrived, it took all I could muster to finish it off.  No dessert tonight.

This dish has inspired me to make coq au vin when the weather starts to chill this fall.  If you are planning a trip to Paris, plan to visit Le Petit Acacia.  Here is the website link to Le Petit Acacia. Enjoy.