A Galette to Remember at Restaurant la Sarrazine

Restaurant la Sarrazine in Blere

I love finding out of the way tiny cafes and restaurants that only the locals go to when I am on trips. You get unpretentious food served the way the locals enjoy it. Thus after visiting the Chenonceau castle in the Loire Valley, I drove to Restaurant la Sarrazine, a short drive away in the small French town of Blere. I found out about this restaurant as I had stumbled across a blogger who writes about the Loire Valley and his experiences living here. Sorry I don’t have the link to his blog at the moment, but hopefully I will find it upon arriving back home. He talked about how friendly the people were and how tasty his meal was. I was sold.

So here I am sitting in Restaurant la Sarrazine checking the menu.  The restaurant is filling up fast.  A few big tables are put together, so maybe there is an office lunch happening.  Everyone is very friendly.  Great atmosphere.

As always, the best deal is a Formule, where you get an entree (appetizer) and a plat principal (main course) or plat principal and dessert for a nice price. Sometimes the Formule also comes with a drink. Fortunately I did get a glass of brut apple cidre (from Normandy) with my Formule of plat principal and dessert. You can get apple cidre moelleux or brut (sweet or dry). It is a nice break from drinking beer or wine.

Galette with ham cheese egg and salad

My meal consisted of a galette followed by a dark chocolate crepe.

What is a galette?

It is a savory crepe made with buckwheat flour.  Mine had a filling of ham, an egg, cheese and cream.  Served with salad.  I had tried a gallete a few days ago at Le St. Romain in Rouen and enjoyed it so was looking forward to this one.  I was shocked though as to how much better this galette was!  The galette is quite thin and very crispy. Very easy to cut and enjoy.  The Le St. Romain galette was very hard to cut.  The crispiness of the galette went nicely with the creaminess of the galette and the acidity of the salad.  It is hard to describe so many wonderful flavours and textures coming together.  A bit of a symphony on the plate and in your mouth.

The crepe was also done with simplicity but great quality.  The crepe was soft, not crispy, and drizzled with hot, dark chocolate.  I savoured each bite, and left the restaurant not overstuffed, and ready for my next adventure down the street in the Loire.

Crepe with hot dark chocolate sauce

Take a chance on small restaurants when you are on your trip.  Talk to locals, or do some research on the web before you go.  I did and am so happy I tried Restaurant la Sarrazine.  Enjoy!