Helping to Choose Your Wedding Wines

Your wedding is coming up. So many details to plan for. But for many, knowing which wines to pick, can be daunting. One way to help relieve this pressure is to have a wine tasting in your home with someone knowledgeable about wine, like me!

Whether you contact me or someone else, look for someone that has WSET (Wine Spirit Education Trust) or ISG (International Sommelier Guild) certification. Tell him/her what food you will be serving, as this is an important factor. Also tell them what style of wine you like. Do you like big red wines, soft wines, wines with lots of citrus flavour, Okanagan wines, etc.?

Your wine guide for the evening should pick 4 or 5 white and 4 or 5 red wines for tasting. It would help if you could have similar food to nibble on at the same time, as you would have at your wedding.  Having someone with a wine background can help, especially if you want something quite specific.  For example, if you love Pinot Noir wine, the person arranging your wine selection, should ask you about some Pinots that you have enjoyed in the past, and use that information to maybe select some wines from Burgundy, Oregon, California, and New Zealand, which all produce very nice Pinot Noir wines, and have different styles.  Even within one country, there can be different styles of Pinot Noir produced (e.g. Try a Pinot Noir from Marlborough and then one from Central Otago in New Zealand).

I would love to help make your wedding spectacular.  I do offer custom wine tastings, so please give me a try if you are in the Vancouver area.  Here is a link to my Private Wine Tasting page. Otherwise if you are elsewhere in the world, try searching online for WSET  or ISG courses and talk to an instructor, or go to a private wine shop and ask there.  Have a great wedding!