Glen Carlou Syrah 2004 – Amazing

Today I enjoyed a dinner with my family.  A hearty beef stew and a bottle of Glen Carlou Syrah 2004 (South Africa).  I don’t know which was fuller bodied.  Both amazing.  The beef stew, made with steak, potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips, peas and more. 

Glen Carlou is a premium winery in South Africa.  They have many times won the best wine in South Africa.  This wine had a whiff of green olives as soon as I opened the bottle, which quickly evolved to pencil leads.  In the glass, the wine was opaque as can be, with a slight bit of garnet at the edge of the glass.  In the mouth, it was very full bodied; heavy. Almost the same as a port-feel.  The wine evolved over dinner.  Many different flavours of blueberries, currants, tar, coffee, chocolate as well as oak.  At 14.5% alcohol, you could not tell as the fruit and such round mouthfeel balanced it all out.

If you have a chance to buy a bottle of Glen Carlou wine, whether it is Syrah, or another varietal wine, give it a try.  Their wines tend to be in the general listing category, and really well priced.  I think I paid around $24 for this bottle a few years back.  Enjoy!