A Pisco Toast to Chile

With the great relief of the world, the 33 Chilean miners were successfully rescued and are now safe with their families. With this I’d like to suggest a toast to the Chilean miners, with their national drink, the Pisco Sour.

What is Pisco? Pisco is a distilled wine. It typically comes from wine made from the Muscat grape. Pisco comes in different grades, based on percentage of alcohol and amount of flavour. You could view a regular pisco similar to a blanco tequila, although pisco is made from a grape wine base while tequila is from agave.

How do you make a Pisco Sour?

Pisco Sour
3 parts pisco
1 1/2 parts lemon juice
1 – 2 tbsp sugar
Add all ingredients to a mixer with ice. Shake well and serve in a cocktail glass.

This drink has sweet and sour flavours, and is similar to a Caipirinha from Brasil.

If you are not much for the flavour of a Pisco sour, you can toast using Pisco in other ways. Beside purchasing regular Pisco, you can buy flavoured Pisco. Here in British Columbia, we have mango flavoured Pisco from Capel. This drink when chilled is nice on it’s own, but you can also mix it with some sparkling wine, to make a mimosa-like drink. Very refreshing.

So here’s to Chile and the Chilean miners! Salud!