Fraser Valley wineries – A short summer trip

Well summer is here! Sort of. Well, hopefully soon. Don’t let the poor weather slow you down though. Short weekend trips in the Fraser Valley could be a way to cheer your spirits. There are many wineries in BC’s Fraser Valley. They are open to the public with tasting rooms, and are probably at most a 45 minute drive from most places in Vancouver.

So which wineries can you visit in the Fraser Valley (I put in the web links for you)?
Domaine de Chaberton Estate Winery & Bacchus Bistro

The Fort Wine Company

Lotusland Vineyards

Pacific Breeze Winery

Neck of the Woods Winery

River’s Bend Winery

Sanduz Estate Winery

St. Urban Winery Ltd.

Wellbrook Winery

Westham Island Estate Winery

Lulu Island Winery

Township 7 Vineyards

Blue Heron Fruit Winery

Some of these wineries you may see from the links to their websites are berry fruit (not grape-based) wines. If you haven’t tried a berry fruit wine, such as from red currant or blueberry, give it a try. I think the berry fruit wines, served chilled would be nice in the summer on the patio.



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