Stelvin Lux+ Screw Cap – The Next Generation

You learn something new daily. For me, it was that there are many grades of Stevlin screw caps. The large aluminum company, Alcan, being one of, or the largest producer of these caps. Recently I learned that Alcan’s Stelvin Lux+ screw cap is being used by high end wineries in France. The Maison of Jean-Claude Boisset is the first producer in the Cote d’Or to bottle premier and grand cru red wines with screw-tops. As noted by the winery’s press release “…The wines available with this efficient, modern closure are the Chambertin and the Beaune Premier Cru Les Bressandes from the exceptional 2005 vintage. Convinced of the quality, some of Jean-Claude Boisset’s great Burgundy reds had been available with screw-caps since 2003…”

What makes the Stelvin Lux+ screw cap better than the original screw cap? The new Stelvin Lux+ screw caps are more aesthetically pleasing than the previous generation as the thread is hidden inside the cap, giving a naturally elegant look to the cap. You can print on the cap, much as you see on other bottles of wine using cork. Inside the aluminum cover is a plastic insert. This insert is designed to allow a similar amount of oxygen into the wine, just like natural cork, which allows the wines to age gracefully. Alcan also indicates that using the Stelvin Lux+ screw cap gives you:
– Easy opening smooth and pleasant due to the plastic insert
– No disgracious noise or metallic crunching on glass

So no more “crack” sound when you open the bottle. I think that is what turns off some people. So they should not have any excuses now. When you are next in your wine shop, look out for this cap. Besides Jean-Claude Boisset in France, DeLoach Vineyards in California also is using the Stelvin Lux+ for some of their premium wines.