Sumac Ridge Estate Winery Tribute Sparkling Wine

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try {
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} catch(err) {}Yesterday at O’Doul’s Restaurant and Bar, Christa-Lee McWatters Bond from Sumac Ridge Estate Winery gave those in attendance, a sneak peek at their newest sparkling wine, called “Tribute”. This is a non-vintage 100% chardonnay based sparkling wine. What is the twist as there are other chardonnay-based sparkling wines from around the world.

The twist is that Sumac Ridge will donate $1.25 from each bottle sold to support our Canadian Olympic athletes. From what I hear on the news, our athletes are not supported as much as athletes in other countries, so if we have a way to support our athletes, and enjoy some bubbly, it is a win-wine situation 🙂

FYI, 100% Chardonnay-based sparkling wines tend to be lighter bodied and have finer bubbles than sparkling wines that have pinot noir or pinot meunier mixed in.

Tribute is not yet released, but will be available in BC Liquor Stores in the start of August. Each bottle will cost $30, with $1.25 going to our Canadian Olympic athletes. Enjoy!