What a difference a day, or two or more makes.

Keeping on the pinot noir topic from the last few blogs, last week I opened a bottle of Peller Estate Reserve Pinot Noir, 2006 vintage. The wine had an overpowering candied strawberry and violet aroma. It was way out of balance with the flavour of the wine. I put the cork back in the bottle and let it air out for a while. I tried it again two days later. The aroma was much less pronounced. There was still the violets, but now a bit of rustic/earthiness was present plus some dustiness. I then tried it again today (1 week after opening the bottle). The wine softened up nicely. The violet aroma was still there but again, much less than the last time I tried it. Even nicer flavour and finish than the previous day.

So the moral of my little story is if you have problems with the flavour or aroma of a wine, give it some time to breathe. Even a day or more. Oxygen can be a wine’s best friend. Enjoy!